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As you all will know with the demise of the much fabled RuneScape Classic Public Servers are coming to an end in August. <insert Sadness and/or Jagex meme here>

Luckily though some of the older more renown developers from the RSC scene such as @Marwolf and @Kenix have taken it upon themselves to open up development for RuneScape Classic Private Servers - Introducing the Rune-Status Community to... OpenRSC!
The developers behind the project are striving to create a RuneScape Classic emulation private server but keeping the project open source enables future developers to come and use what was RSC and develop additional content much like was done with the RS2 (317) scene.

There is already an extensive library of RSC tools and documentation available acress the web - Alot of it can be found within this community with little effort or a simple ask - Tools like Landscape editors and Sprite editors enable developers to create a wider array of content.

Being based on the RSCD project - OpenRSC is a revision 202 Classic server/client combination which has the additional functionality of higher revisions added to it. The highest revision of RSC is 234. Expect some legends like Reines and Issac eXamplar to dive back into some of their developments as the news of RSC's development scene taking rise again.

Since the news that JaMfLeX has decided to shutdown the RuneScape Classic servers for good. The remaining players have taken it upon themselves to come together to preserve what remains of the servers.

The 3rd Party project RSC+ team headed by Ornox has added a feature to their Client which allows users to record their sessions while playing Classic. The key feature to this is that is allows anybody who has the RSC+ client to watch the replays back, regardless of having an active Classic account or not.

People from across the Classic community have been scraping together, collaborating and uploading to RSCPP | Home ... It's been noted that most of the Classic server has previously been replicated before but isn't available publicly, so a project like this will help to allow new developers in the RSC Private server scene to create emulation projects and keep the Classic version alive.

If you are able or know of people who are - please contribute to the project to help preserve as much as possible before the August 5th death-date.

Also; since the closure news I have been collecting/forking and checking out tonnes of RSC related RSPS projects from across the web which you will be able to find available on our Github page. I hope to write some Classic related content to help out the developers and allow them access to the tools available for the developments.

- Ian
Announcement A new beginning
Hello everyone, and welcome to Rune-Status. I'm sure many reading this post will primarily be thrown off by my status of Administrator. Ian has left me, as well as Node, in control of the website and community; I will be working on web development and general management with our current team moving forward. I've been a member of Rune-Status for about a year, while doing my best to help with whatever I could behind the scenes. This community has given me and many others a ton, in the form of development resources and general information. I feel very strongly about this place; I do not believe there is any reason this great resource and our community should go to waste or decay.

As such, I've taken the liberty of migrating the webhost to a new server; I have already heard good things about improved speeds. We know there are a lot of issues with how Rune-Status is organized, and we will be working with the community's input to make ease of access a priority. If you do experience any issues with site functionality, please report it directly to a staff member or in this subforum.

Some may have missed Ian's exit entirely, and I'd like to give a brief explanation of the events that have taken place. Ian, the previous owner of Rune-Status, has decided to resign from his position here at and pass on the torch. His reasons are solely personal, and he wanted to invest more time in family life. Some may not understand, and will continue to accuse him of walking away for other reasons. I can personally attest that Ian is broken up over his decision to leave, but truly believes it is the best decision right now.

While I am also upset about how exactly everything came to fruition, I do look forward to working with the staff team and every one of you to improve this place as a development community and an attractive website. We have all built an amazing...