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Today we have moved into using a new Thread/Post Editor which is powered by Sorry you must be logged in to read this.
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. Which gives us more power over the Structure and Composition of our Threads this allows us to be able to put a lot more Style into our threads this is more helpful in the writing of Guides and Tutorials as well as our Promotional and Service Threads.

At the moment we have set the Editor in a way which will be easier to use than the previous Redactor Editor but will have its similarity for members to be able to adjust into using it.

We will be adding more functionality to the Editor as time goes forward for greater Article writing power and to allow members to create some wonderful threads with a lot of functionality which other Forums can't offer.

Some of the new features include:
  • Tables,
  • Background Colour,
  • Sub/Superscript,
  • Horizontal Rules,
  • Anchors and
  • Special Characters.
This is on top of the Functionality we offered before hand such as Media sites ( we offer a tonne of different Media site tags from 8tracks and Amazon to YouTube and Zippyshare.

Thanks for reading.
- Ian.
It's time to give OSRS its own.
Today we open up the dedicated OSRS Sections of the site, this includes the Forums, Project Manager, Resource Section and of cause the Top List. If you're active on Rune-Status you will have noticed the rapid developments growing in the Community with people putting out Renamed Deob Clients and Servers which people have been able to work with and create functional Servers.

With the newer Projects being worked on recently, development teams moving their RS2 and even RSHD developments over to the newer OSRS Protocol to be able to create Servers which have all the newest content in a realistic way using newer RuneScape Clients. This is the way forward.

The RS2 scene has been littered as of late with Hybrid versions, People packing the OldSchool RuneScape data into the RuneScape 2 Caches, though not all the data that is available in OSRS is able to be ported backwards into RS2 with little work like Packing the cache.

It's about time we split the real OSRS developments from the Hybrid RS2 developments and give the developers some breathing space as of which they can learn, teach and share code together to be able to push the Entire RSPS scene into its new looming era of OSRS Private Servers.

Though this is not to neglect the developments in other RuneTeks but just as RuneScape Classic developments slowly ebbed to a halt, I think the majority feel that the RuneScape 2 scene should follow suite soon.

Thanks for reading,
- Ian.
A post today on the official RuneScape website has sparked interest in to what will be known as RuneScape Mobile, a FULL version of OSRS/RS3 - on your Mobile or Tablet Devices.

There is not much to be said about it from reading the original Article posted by the Jagex team today other than the fact that you can Register your interest in the future products.

There are a couple of images shown on the site which seem to be that of a prototype Mobile Client with some notable features such as the chat now saying 'Pull' and the Tabs have been moved to the sides:


Though the images of the RuneScape 3 Mobile version just seem to be speculations of what it would be like:

The website notes that this will not be a ready until aleast Winter 2017

A thread was posted on the official fourms by Mod Sween outlining some FAQ's

Is this a separate version of Old School RuneScape/RuneScape?
No, this is the full game! You’ll be able to continue on your mobile where you left off from on your PC.

Great! So how much extra are you charging for this?
The app will be free on iOS and Android, and will mirror your current experience; if you’re a member you’ll be able to access all worlds on the app, if you’re not a member, you’ll be able to access non-members worlds only.

When will the mobile client be available for download?
The mobile client for RuneScape will be available for download in 2018. The mobile client for Old School RuneScape will be available Winter 2017.

When will the beta for Old School RuneScape be available?
The beta for Old School...​