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Bumping Threads

We have now completed working on the Thread Bumping System that was suggested by one of our members. So I am now writing this thread for users to get their head around the new system and how you can use it to help promote your own threads.

The Bumping system is only available on certain forums to stop people bumping threads all day everyday overshadowing other threads in the same forums. We have tried to make the system in a certain way so that it cannot be abused by those who use it.

There are two ways to use this system, the first way you will see is via the Thread List of the forum you are viewing - simply click bump on your own thread and it will bump the thread:
The second way to bump a thread is while viewing your thread, you can select bump from the 'Thread Tools' menu and this will bump the thread aswell

Every member has the option to bump a thread each day, by this I mean you can bump 1 thread every 24 hours although members who have supported the site will be given more bumps in less time:

- Maximum of 1 bumps every 24 hours.

- Maximum of 2 bumps every 12 hours.

- Maximum of 3 bumps every 6 hours.
- Ability to bump any...

Today I would like to introduce a new Referral System that I have put in place for members to invite their friends and followers into the Rune-Status RSPS community.

It's simple to use and can boost your account in the community. Even if you only invite 1 person - who registers using your Referral ID you will automatically receive the 'Member+' user status, profile banner and all the benefits of such. Now for the popular who get 50+ referrals in their name will receive the 'Member++' user status which gives and extra banner with a Rich Username and Icon and even more power on the forums.

You can use the Referral system by clicking your profile menu and selecting Invite Friends:
Where you will be re-directed to the page where you can send out the default emails or customise to your liking and also view the Invitations you have sent out and which have been accepted and had member registrations from.

Thanks - I hope you enjoy the update.
- Ian

Social Media Adaptation
In this Web 2.0 world we want our users; You to be able to enhance your Threads, Resources and Articles by being able to Like, Tweet and Share everything you do and like on Rune-Status with minimal effort to enable you to be able to make your standing in the RSPS world more unique.

We have added the option for you to use Social Media accounts to Login to Rune-Status securely:

Sign-up / Login with Facebook, Twitter or Google+
Along with this update, comes the ability to associate external Social Media accounts with your Rune-Status account, this enables you to Like, Recommend, Share, or Tweet instantly the Threads, Resources, or Posts you want to your Social Media clique, You can do this now while logged in via the 'External Accounts' option in the User Menu. (Try now and Redeem your Trophy Points!)

Associate with Facebook, Twitter and Google+

There are now 'Recommend', 'G+' and 'Tweet' sharing buttons available for each post and page on the site enabeling you to share your posts with your social media groupsto expand your viewer status and grow your RuneScape Private Server (RSPS) Fame.


I hope you enjoy the update as much as we do!
- Ian