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Social Media Adaptation
In this Web 2.0 world we want our users; You to be able to enhance your Threads, Resources and Articles by being able to Like, Tweet and Share everything you do and like on Rune-Status with minimal effort to enable you to be able to make your standing in the RSPS world more unique.

We have added the option for you to use Social Media accounts to Login to Rune-Status securely:

Sign-up / Login with Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Along with this update, comes the ability to associate external Social Media accounts with your Rune-Status account, this enables you to Like, Recommend, Share, or Tweet instantly the Threads, Resources, or Posts you want to your Social Media clique, You can do this now while logged in via the 'External Accounts' option in the User Menu. (Try now and Redeem your Trophy Points!)

Associate with Facebook, Twitter and Google+

There are now 'Recommend', 'G+' and 'Tweet' sharing buttons available for each post and page on the site enabeling you to share your posts with your social media groupsto expand your viewer status and grow your RuneScape Private Server (RSPS) Fame.


I hope you enjoy the update as much as we do!
- Ian
Announcement Rune-Status is LIVE!
It is with the greatest pleasure that we now present to you our shiny new website, which has been in the works for the past several months.

As you can see, there is an obvious, drastic improvement in the look and feel of the website, which until now has not changed much in the RSPS scene between 2005-16. We believe that this new look better corresponds to our vision of the RSPS scene, which values quality and attention to detail, but also passion in development and fun.

But looks are not everything, of course. We have updated the contents to more closely reflect our current activities and focus. Our Forums and Resources are presented in much more detail, with members being able to take control of their work and services.

Finally, we want members to use our Forums to share news, updates and content, of course, but also to give advice and opinions on the software and web development of other members, both from a technical and an entrepreneurial point of view. You can now comment on our articles, which will hopefully help contribute to interesting discussions.

Enjoy, and please tell us what you think!

- Ian
EmojiOne is a set of open-source emojis designed for the web that can be used in websites, apps, blogs, and more. Websites worldwide can translate emoji code from mobile devices and legally display the corresponding emoji icon for their users.

EmojiOne is widley recognised as the new web standard for Smilieys and Emoji's. :emoji_metal:
So here at Rune-Status I have integrated the EmojiOne system into our Community Forums so you and the rest of the members here can express more than just a smile with every message you send.

I have added over 1200 SVG Smileys which have been divided into categories;
  • Activity,
  • Flags,
  • Food,
  • Nature,
  • Objects,
  • People,
  • Symbols,
  • and Travel.
Enjoy the new feature and I hope to see my members expressing their every emotion though an EmojiOne, and if you don't, well... :emoji_middle_finger:
- Ian