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EmojiOne is a set of open-source emojis designed for the web that can be used in websites, apps, blogs, and more. Websites worldwide can translate emoji code from mobile devices and legally display the corresponding emoji icon for their users.

EmojiOne is widley recognised as the new web standard for Smilieys and Emoji's. :emoji_metal:
So here at Rune-Status I have integrated the EmojiOne system into our Community Forums so you and the rest of the members here can express more than just a smile with every message you send.

I have added over 1200 SVG Smileys which have been divided into categories;
  • Activity,
  • Flags,
  • Food,
  • Nature,
  • Objects,
  • People,
  • Symbols,
  • and Travel.
Enjoy the new feature and I hope to see my members expressing their every emotion though an EmojiOne, and if you don't, well... :emoji_middle_finger:
- Ian