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Project Manager

The Project Manager is a unique feature of the Rune-Status website where users have the ability to actively promote their projects.

When posting a Project on the Project manager the user should only give a brief description of the project in hand as this is a basic overview of the project and not the actual project thread, after the initial submission of the project the thread created will not be updated likewise. This is down to the user to update if the Project thread and the Project Manager submission are to be identical. .

When a user submits a Project the Project Manager gives them options as to who is involved in the project as well as give Tasks for the users to complete within the Project they are working on together. .

As a part of the Tasks involved in the Project the Project Manager will automatically give a Project Completion percentage worked out by the number of tasks set and the number of tasks that have been marked as complete. .

When a user submits their project the Project Manager will automatically make a Discussion thread in the correct place within the forums where by the regular updates of the project should be submitted and other members of the site can give feedback and also general talk about the project. This is where the owner of the Project can gain traction in their project for when it is eventually complete. Also gives users who are not necessarily involved in the project the ability to keep track of the progress. .