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rev.317 Orion 2018-01-10

2006 Remake

  1. Ian
    This was shared to me after it was sold by Mige5 for $655, I'm unsure whether this is still an active development though I can't find shit about it since it was sold off in 2016 - So while I'm cleaning out the remnents of the RSPS scene from my drive i figured I'd share with the squad.

    - Base: runesource
    - Awesome quest system
    - 30+ quests
    - Fixed actionbutton packet: Button ids are the same server and client-side (no 100k+ ids unlike every other server lol)
    - Will include both the original and the 40x server (has a toggle)
    - Tutorial island (possible to skip, toggle for skipping, if u dont want to allow that)
    - automatic detection of holiday events (server + client-side)
    - GE (has a toggle, so its easy to remove if you dont want it)
    - Serversided in-game hiscores.
    - 317,459,474 gameframes
    - real barrows minigame ( )
    - working magic training arena minigame and reward shop
    - fight caves
    - all skills
    - sound effects (combat + skills + misc. stuff, like: lvlups, death)
    - music areas + unlocking
    - logging: trade, chat etc.
    - skillcapes (no emotes)
    - Treasure trails (always solvable puzzles + proper coordinates with sextant, unlike other 06remakes)
    - Awesome tools for developing
    - Working "double-gates", so theyr not breaking into 2 halves.
    - Working forcemovement mask
    - Doors will get stuck open, if u spam them.
    - Country detection on login.
    - All interfaces are cache-packed.
    - Clientsided bank search
    - Start for serversided bots. (login + outfit randomization)
    - Server loads the cache. (so for example if u pack new maps to the client + having them work properly is quite simple, just replace the cache in the server folder with the new cache)
    - Almost 100% realistic run energy formulas (matches with the online calculators)
    - barrows degrading + repairing
    - random events to break axe/pickaxe + repairing
    - Hourly backup system (also if character file is corrupted for whatever reason, it will find a last working backup and restore it from there)
    - Anti afk training methods (splashing still possible though, but u can probably do something about that too if u want to)
    - combination runes (crafting + usage in spells)
    - Detection of autoclicking
    - Automatic Message of the week system
    - Automatic Removing of inactive accounts
    - Daily task system
    - 4704 Npc spawns, 712 ground item spawns
    ...And tons more. [theres just so much stuff I could list, since I put thousands of hours into this project: earliest media of the server: <-- thats from 3 years ago [​IMG]]

    CUSTOMS: (just remove them if you dont like)
    - Sort of custom maps for blood and soul crafting
    - Some custom items (main idea was to have skins for rune armour, like in dota,lol,cs:go for example)
    - Skeleton skin for donators
    - Some boss pets
    - Pirates of the Gielinor Quest ( )
    - Way of the Necromancer Quest (just a clone of witch potion, with different items - if ur going to keep necromancy maybe write more interesting quest for it)
    - Necromancy spellbook ( )


    - not all features of the control panel are actually coded to do anything, but im sure you can add those if you need them.
    - area/spawn editing are not actually added to server-suite... (the new 3d editor is used for spawns instead)
    - server suite is horribly coded, as I c+p years old code into it as it did work, but back then I didnt really have understanding of java + as I kept adding new features I never cleaned the code, and when I needed something similar I just copied bunch of methods and then modified them.. so theres a lot of unneeded code because of c+p.. so thats why i never bothered adding any more features to it, since the tool should be totally rewritten.

    This does contain the 3D Map editor and the Log Viewer as well as the other interesting tools, This is an interesting development for a 317 you should take a look regardless.