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RuneTek 3 OS Cache Suite 2017-07-30

A tool that will allow a user to explore the OSRS Cache in depth.

  1. Allen
    A tool that will allow a user to explore the OSRS Cache in depth.

    Current Editors:
    -Animation Definition Viewer
    -Item Definition Editor & Search
    -File Explorer
    -Sprite Viewer/Dumper
    -Mapped Values(CSMap) dumper

    -Animation Definitions
    -Item Definitions
    -NPC Definitions
    -(Pallette)Sprite Definitions
    -Mapped Value Definitions
    -Widget Definitions
    -Skin Definitions
    -Skeleton Definitions
    -TypeFace Definitions
    -Model & Model Rasterizer
    -2d & 3d Rasterizer classes(note: these will soon be replaced with lwjgl implementations).

    -Gamepack & params downloader
    -Multiple caches may be opened at a time.
    -Multiple Editors may be opened at a time.

    Libraries Used:
    -Alex's FileStore
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