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  1. Vashmeed
    Based off of the Inferno 176 release, here is my personal project.
    Includes RuneLite with depth buffering for java rendering mode (disabled in OpenGL).
    • Updated to 177-12 cache + XTEAs
    • Pretty much all packets complete, with some bugs.
    • Basic window resizing (currently need to log out and back in to update the interface sets properly.
    • Moved to SQL (files included)
    • Added a good amount of plugins
    • Added VarBit system (thanks polar & matrix 3)
    • Runelite
    • Woodcutting
    • Firemaking
    • Frames for mining, herblore, fletching, and some others that I can't remember right now
    • A ton more under the hood stuff and some content
    If you're decent with java, you'll be able to work with this source just fine. Feel free to add me on Discord Vashmeed#6681 for help, but I won't be helping with getting the source set up.
    Also, please don't be an asshole and try to sell any of the player updating done in this source, or the RuneLite that it comes with. Absolutely blows my mind that people are ballsy enough to sell RuneLite even though it's free.

    Known Issues:
    • Long delay if player tries to log on too quickly
    • Small issue in ground item updating, items sometimes duplicate (but can't actually be interacted with)
    Credits (in no particular order after the first 3):
    • Polar - Could not have done it without all his help. Really great guy and I'm lucky to be able to have him as a resource.
    • Kris - Great guy. Incredibly knowledgable and willing to help a ton if you can show you're willing to learn.
    • Arios Team
    • Klem3n
    • Zion
    • Displee
    • Bart
    • Technotik
    • Trees
    • Nomac
    • IlluZive (original Arios web design)
    And anyone else I missed that helped me along the process. I learned an absolute fuckton and could not have done it without you all.
    My hope is that this release just helps the RSPS scene to keep edging away from using 317 and moving to OSRS.
    OSRS servers are definitely the future and should become the standard. If you're thinking about creating a new framework or working on a new project, please consider OSRS as a good option.
    To anyone that will be aiming to further this source, please take a look at Polar's archive website, Index of /osrs/types/.
    The guy puts a lot of effort into archiving every single OSRS release and dumping things like items, enums, npcs, etc. His site is a very valuable asset when developing an OSRS server.
    For RuneLite, take a look here to learn how to run their maven build script. I got around to adding
    flags to every class and some primary methods, but if you'd like to keep the naming on the next OSRS engine update (when the revision changes), you'll need to add the export flag to any other fields or methods you want to remap.
    My Runelite package has everything you need to figure out how it works. Only thing it's missing is the decompiler/mapper, so just grab that from the last full Runelite release (1.3.9).
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