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Trials Server, Client, and Tools (Astraeus Legacy) 317

Server, Client, Tools, Astraeus Legacy

  1. Mayhem
    Trials was a creative project intended to produce quality & fun content. Originally I started out using Project Insanity, BUT I decided I wouldn't be the same as almost every "developer" and moved onto a more unique and clean framework; "Astraeus Legacy". At the time, there wasn't an Astraeus V2.

    My main focus at the time was client based content, but when I started focusing on the server, my main focus was combat. So I did just that.

    Based on a post on the runescape forums regarding OSRS combat formula, I constructed a combat system in Astraeus Legacy. It's still buggy, needs some work, and only has melee combat, but all formulas in magic, prayer, melee, and range have been implemented. Also the equipment bonuses are nearly complete.

    Now I'll get you some media, but beware, some of these screenshots are from when I used Project Insanity as a starter to customize the client.

    Cache-packed object spawns:


    Cache-packed client-sided titles:


    AFK Camera Rotation (Activates ones client finds player idle):


    Client options UI (at login screen):

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