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Any Servers using 317 Protocol (even those packing OSRS data) are Considered RuneScape 2

Please List your server in the appropriate Category - thanks!

Server Directory

New Servers

  1. Striving for a replica RSC game and more---
  2. Fast XP Rates - Bounty Hunter - Need Staff---

Trending Servers

  1. Alozyn is a late-2007 era DMM server created for only one purpose: Entertainment.---
  2. 718 loading 751 content.---
  3. Will be online soon---

Random Servers

  1. Fast XP Rates - Bounty Hunter - Need Staff---
  2. x20 Rates x1.5 Well Rate Selective DXP Weekends 100% Keepsake system and more!---
  3. RSC Legacy is a free to play Classic server. All quests and p2p areas free. Pking, skilling like the old days but faster. Carve your Legacy!---
There are currently no Servers to display.