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>> 2006rebotted << Remake server which will allow and supply creatable bots

Discussion in 'RSPS Scene Discussion' started by OsrsNeedsF2P, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. How about something new?


    Introducing 2006rebotted, a 2006 remake server. With QoL and a fun twist -

    Additional features:
    - FKeys, shift-drop, ESC closes interfaces
    - Custom Highscores, Programming-free bot scripting

    Source code: dginovker/2006rebotted
    Bot source code: dginovker/Parabot
    Bot client source code: Parabot


    Don't worry, they'll be more [​IMG]



    - Mr Extremez for the base
    - Parabot for the RSPS bot client
    - /r/RSPS for actual development team​
  2. Beta is happening right now! If you want to come by, develop, bot or relax join us! Links are all above.