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>> 2006rebotted << Remake server which will allow and supply creatable bots

Discussion in 'RSPS Scene Discussion' started by OsrsNeedsF2P, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. #1 OsrsNeedsF2P, Jun 21, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2020
  2. Beta is happening right now! If you want to come by, develop, bot or relax join us! Links are all above.
  3. Hey all! We have a TON of new updates. Here's some of the latest batch!

    - Fixed packet exploit
    - Fixed diagonal combat bug
    - Voting setup added
    - Some discord bot cleanup
    - Basic black knights fortress added
    - Woodcutting changes
    - Only quests coded will now appear in quest list
    - Quick patch to allow herblore training
    - Server hosting commands touchup
    - Discord commands
    - Withdraw/Deposit X fix
    - Pure ess fix
    - Runecrafting fixes
    - Iron bar smelting fix
    - Fletching fixes!
    - Sheep shearer fixes
    - Black Knight's Fortress fixes
    - Knight's Sword Fixes
    - Shop fixes
    - Superheat fixes
    - Magic teleporting refactor
    - Notes fixes
    - Object spawning
    - Removed Heatmap code
    - Localparabot instructions guide
    - More Black Knight's Fortress quest fixes (x4)
    - Quest checkpoint fix
    - Refactor mining, ores and rocks
    - Fix champions guild
    - Add click to teleport if admin on localserver
    - Add Shield of Arrav (Thanks RedSparr0w)!
    - Fix shop prives
    - Fix Vampyre slayer
    - Update player run calculations
    - Fix a number of trading issues
    - Fixed some doors
    - Some tutorial fixes
    - Bank pin warnings
    - Weight calculations
    - Refactored treasure trails
    - Cleaned up random event functions
    - Refactored drops
    - Added clue scroll drops
    - Buy/sell x fixes
    - Artifacts fixes
    - Parabot fixes
    - Run energy fixes
    - Aggressiveness fixes
    - Highscores fixes
    - Teleother fix
    - Shop fixes
    - Some code refactor
    - Autocast bug fix
    - Cache update
    - Fix onyx amulet stringing
    - Add ::kick command for pmods
    - Fix teleother
    - Changed stock restore timer
    - Added disable graphics for lower CPU/GPU
    - NPC definitions fix
    - Crash fix on Tzhaars
    - Projectile clipping fix
    - PassDoor fix
    - Corrected sound packet size
    - Modern teleport animation fix
    - Running around objects to interact NPC clip fix
    - Fixed walkTo being called form CycleEvents not working right
    - Player will no longer face a killed NPC after respawn
    - gitignore and other dev updates
    - Fix darkwizzards aggro
    - updated ::commands
    - Fix Abyss RuneCrafting
    - Fix selling for Tokkul
    - Fixed some items equipping to wrong spot
    - Global drops fix
    - Monks healing fix
    - Al Kharid furnace fix
    - Slayer update!
    - Added noip for server
    - Fixed ::item command for admins/localhost
    - Fight caves crash fix
    - Slayer task quantity fix
    - DialogueHandler fix
    - Slayer master difficulty fix
    - Typos
    - Drop castlewars flag when equipping items fix
    - Fix redemption prayer
    - Force logout on timeout
    - Trading fixes
    - Trading bots init
    - Like 30 shop updates, won't include the details since so much was changed
    - Fix highscores, remove admins/devs
    - Refactor saving
    - Pmods can now run ::update
    - Fix slayer exp on kills
    - Fix object spawn range checks
    - Refactored some packaging
    - Removed dead code
    - Cleaned up warnings
    - Rewrote cape dyeing
    - Moved some packets to PacketSender
    - Corrected shop variables
    - Code tidied up
    - Development setup guide update
    - Legends guild stores
    - Class cleanup
    - Add password changing
    - Agiliy fixes
    - Fix lumbridge teleport req
    - Theiving fixes
    - Dialogue after leveling up fixes
    - Fix cannon visability
    - Fixed doors being removed
    - Nulodion got a few fixes
    - Fixed gate at KBD
    - Fixed gate at Ice Giants
    - Fix global drops at KQ
    - Fix pickpocketing crash
    - Fixed Christmas cracker
    - Max int bank withdrawal checks
    - Pickpocketing in combat fixes
    - Small method refactor
    - Boots of lightness weight reduction fixes
    - Added warnings about Java versions
    - Small shop QoL
    - Winter theme!!!!!
    - Can't open nest if you don't have space
    - Fix yo-yo
    - Added monk robe spawns
    - Added ability to make god pages
    - Removed more project warnings
    - Update commands
    - Fix smelting
    - Implement Ring of Forging
    - Shop fixes
    - Fix banking packet exploit (& other packet exploits)
    - Toggleable snow for christmas
    - Added Ring of Life
    - Fixed Redemption
    - Fixed prayer not updating in prayer tab
    - Fixed glories after trading
    - Fixed spawn item crash
    - Fixed resetWalkingQueue
    - Fixed wildy warning interface
    - Made ::update automatically restart server
    - Fix 32-bit java
    - Fix fishing guild bank
    - Typo fix in dialogue
    - Mud battle staff Fixed
    - Cannon bug Fix
    - Bot plugin patch
    - Fix click to teleport for admin
    - Update commands list
    - Fixed picking up items requiring 2 clicks when not standing near/on it
    - Fixed item pickup sound when spam clicked
    - Cats fixes
    - Kalphite Queen fixes
    - Random event fixes
    - Added some sound
    - Fletching refactor
    - Arrowmaking refactor
    - Canifis bank fix
    - Fix drops
    - Fixed NPC anims
    - More sounds
    - Smithing refactor + cannonball smithing fix
    - Added check for hammer when smithing
    - Fixed some stuff on weight
    - Cleaned up code related to trading
    - Fixed "Player is busy" when trading
    - Easier setup instructions (for developers)
    - Some code cleanup
    - Added output recollection to server
    - Fixed some items dcing client

    Contributors this release:

    If you guys haven't popped in and checked out the game yet, definitely come by! We're having a great time, and recreating 2006 closer and closer each day :)
  4. Hello all! Back again with some more contributions from our community [​IMG]


    - Shanty Pass fix
    - Fixed runes being used when Teleport doesn't work
    - Cleaned up Teleportation code
    - Fixed delay on banking non-stackable items
    - Added poison arrows
    - Cleaned up some code
    - Fixed Ardougne teleport coords
    - Pest Control Beta
    - Fixed bead drop rate
    - Multiple accs on thieving stall fix
    - Made "Create Account" button explain better
    - Fixed many special attacks (Whip, Magic LB, DD, few others)
    - Ranging guild minigame!
    - Fletching fix
    - Dragon longsword special attack fix
    - Fixed multiple people mining ess
    - Fixed door in Wizard's tower
    - Added notice to our 2.0 client
    - Added message of the week to welcome screen interface
    - Added face north when clicking compass
    - Disabled the blank tab on game frame
    - Fixed all of the dialogue issues in rune mysteries
    - Clean up in the dialogue file
    - Fixed Rogue's Den bank
    - Fixed woodcutting animations

    Developers this release!

    - Gptaqbc
    - DavidVarbit (New!)
    - MrExtremez
    - MitchvanWijngaarden
    - dginovker