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Adding the 2001/6 World Map to your Client

Discussion in 'Guides & Tutorials' started by Ian, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. Hey guys,
    In this guide I will be showing you how you can add your own working version of the RuneScape 2 World Map to your Client, now for this guide I will be adding this to something I have previously written which was the rev.317 - Adding 2001/6 Menu to Client with JFrame - During this I will be making use of the World Map button added to the JMenuBar, though this doe not mean you can not add this yourself, realistically this only requires one line of code extra to your client once you have added the actual World Map files.

    This will be easy to add for those of you who use custom Game Frames such as the 474 one which has a World Map icon next to the Mini map, or even via a command - as I say i've set this up to be able to run using one line of code.

    MapView.main(new String[] { "" });

    Here is a demonstration of what you will be adding to your Client:
    Before I go on I want to give a big shout out to Walied for refactoring this from the deob which @Leanbow supplied a few years ago. I'm not actually familiar with any current RS2 servers which take advantage of this extra feature but I feel it is a nice little addition to your Client and especially helpful to members who didn't actually play RuneScape back in 2001/6 to get a visual of what is where because some of this might have changed a lot during the rescape that followed those years.

    Now assuming you are doing what I am and are adding the World Map to your JMenuBar added from the previous tutorial mentioned above where you added a nice JFrame and JMenuBar to replicate the Old-Oldschool feel. You simply need to do the following;

    Navigate to your ClientFrame.java file and look for the actionPerformed method, this is where button clicking is handled, you may note that the names are oddly written, this is because of how the JButton works, feel free to make changes to the names of the JButtons and see the difference in the JMenuBar once done, I tried to get these as specific as possible to fit the JMenuBar nicely.

    Once you are in the actionPerformed method look for the button related to the World Map,
    if (actionCommand.equalsIgnoreCase("WORLD_MAP_BUT")) {

    You simply want to add the MapView line inside this - like so:
    if (actionCommand.equalsIgnoreCase("WORLD_MAP_BUT")) {
         MapView.main(new String[] { "" });

    And that is it - for this part anyway :emoji_grinning:,

    The next thing we need to do is to add the runescape-world-map.jar to your classpath, now because your adding a jar to the classpath, when it comes to making an executable jar of the client you will want to ensure that you have checked the box (in Eclipse) 'Package required libraries into generated JAR' this will ensure that the runescape-world-map.jar is inside the Client.jar you create for your players.

    So download the attached jar and add this to your class path and then we are done, that is it you should now have a working RuneScape 2 World Map!

    Note: I have pre archived the World Map to be executable from the client without having to add the code to the Client, though if you wish too add the code check out : rev.317 - 2001/6 World Map Source

    Thanks for reading,
    - Ian.​

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    Last edited: Oct 24, 2017