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Assitance looking for Arios 530 hd database

Discussion in 'Help & Requests' started by trisimix, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Hi I made an account to ask for assistance looking for the 530 arios database I have mysql and everything running on same box but am lacking the database. Any help is appreciated!

  2. If the Database is not available onlien anywhere You should post your MySQL files, to give us an idea of what was in the Schema of the Servers database. I think posting that will be alot of help in being able to provide you with the SQL commands to generate the SQL needed to carry on with your development.
  3. Im new to sql as of today, are you asking for the .java files? if so attached

    Attached Files:

  4. Okay so as an Example to your problem, Looking inside each file you will need to figure out how the data is being written or read, so the the HighscoreSQLHandler.java as an example; You will notice a line like this:

    StringBuilder b = new StringBuilder("INSERT highscores(username,overall_xp,total_level,ironManMode,xp_0,xp_1,xp_2,xp_3,xp_4,xp_5,xp_6,xp_7,xp_8,xp_9,xp_10,xp_11,xp_12,xp_13,xp_14,xp_15,xp_16,xp_17,xp_18,xp_19,xp_20,xp_21,xp_22,xp_23) ");

    From this you can see that there is a Table which has 28 Columns you will also see in the file the Constructor calls super of the Extended class which is SQLEntryHandler.java

    From HighscoreSQHandler.java
    public HighscoreSQLHandler(Player entry) {
           super(entry, "highscores", "username", entry.getName());

    From SQLEntryHandler.java
        * Constructs a new {@code SQLEntryHandler} {@code Object}.
        * @param entry The entry.
        * @param table The table name.
        * @param column column name.
        * @param value The column value.
       public SQLEntryHandler(T entry, String table, String column, String value) {
           this.entry = entry;
           this.table = table;
           this.column = column;
           this.value = value;

    so reading this we can now see that the Database has a Table named 'highscores'.

    Any with that we now have all the information we need to create our own Table, We name the table highscores and we create columns for each of the arguments from the StringBuilder line at the start, Now we need to create these in a Database (which you can easily rename) called:

        * The database URL.
       public static final String DATABASE_URL = "";
    Which you can find in SQLManager.java
    Ive removed the IP (also the file as u left a user/password inside it.)

    Hopefully this helps in setting up your SQL.
    - Ian.