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Catching Pokémon Just Got Easier!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Ian, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Catching Pokémon just got easier
    as Pokémon Go increases spawn rates!

    Filling your Pokédex in hit mobile game Pokémon Go is about to get slightly easier, as Niantic is increasing the spawn rate of the collectible creatures.

    Pokémon Go Twitter feed, with the announcement: "Trainers, we've observed increased numbers of Pokémon sightings in parks and other outdoor locations in urban and rural areas."

    The spawn rate determines how often Pokémon will appear in the game's world map. Previously, players could walk for extended distances - particularly those in more secluded locations - before a Pokémon might appear, so this should help players still struggling to fill gaps in their collection before the full complement of second-generation creatures arrive in the game.

    Whether this is a general increase in the proliferation of Pokémon in the game or a limited-time spike in appearance is unclear though. At the time of writing, there is no corresponding post on the official blog detailing the changes to spawn rate.

    It's also unclear if Niantic has addressed rarity balance. More Pokémon appearing is all well and good, but if it's just a thousand Rattatas and Zubats around, it won't be much of an improvement (although catching and instantly transferring them will build a nice stockpile of Stardust, helpful to level up other Pokémon).

    The game's Twitter feed also announced that the planned Apple Watch version of Pokémon Go is still in the works, and "coming soon". No other details have yet been provided.

    The Apple Watch port was announced earlier this year. Unlike the smartphone versions, it's intended to integrate with the Apple Watch's fitness features, tracking calories burned as you walk around in the hunt for Pokémon.

    The wrist-borne edition was intended to be released before the year's end, so there's still time, even if it might be a surprise drop.

  2. I only tried out Pokemon GO never got too far into it ( I think I was level 4-5 or something) but from what I understand if they are going to add more monsters that'\s a great addition. I know out where I live and in the surrounding blocks the best thing I could find was like a golem or something.
  3. I know in the next big update there will be PvP aswell as Gym Battles and even better the ability to start Trading Pokémon.
    I heared also they are looking to move onto more from the Original 151 to the next set.

    I had a friend who kept coming arround to our other friends telling how he has this Pokémon and he has that Pokémon so we all made accounts and botted, over the next week we got him to come arround and were all like: "We've got this Pokémon and that Pokémon!"
    He was just like... well I don't play it no more ): Piss-off Stephen!