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Dumping XTEAs directly from Live OSRS

Discussion in 'Guides & Tutorials' started by Ian, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. In this small guide I will explain how you can Dump your own XTEA's on-demand OSRS, using just one tool available on the site - which is all you need for the foreseeable future.

    The tool we will be using is a very nice and simple Reflection client created by @Kyle Frizz which was released on the turn of 2016 but is still holding on strong to date.

    What is an XTEA? Well according to Wikipedia:
    Ok, so in terms of RuneScape and RuneScape Maps; To explain in a way which is fully understandable - A while ago back in RS2 revision 317 days Jagex just packed the Maps into the Cache as they had done since they decided to switch from on-demand maps back in early RSC where you would download the map as needed - as they do with models and such now using Jaggrab. And arround the RS2 revision 484 era - they begun to encrypt the maps in the cache using the XTEA Cipher (its speculated that the reason for this was to deter bots). To get the key for that map would be sent on-demand (like the models) when needed and usually discarded once used, so each time you would go into that area/region you would be re-sent the XTEA key.

    The maps though in OSRS are still available in the cache (index 4 to be specific) but they are encrypted. So what we do with RS2 rev.317 servers which are loading OSRS data is to decrypt the maps and dump them from the cache. This way we can pack the decrypted map files into our own caches.

    What we will be doing now is using a Client which uses reflection to as @Kyle has put it "...inject a method call into the static map decoding block." - this is a good thing and is pretty safe as nowerdays Jagex has added a packet which checks the classes of the client to see if anything has been tampered with and ban the player if so > this Client doesnt touch anything inside the Clients own files... its beutiful (its also how most bots work these days to stop insta-bans)

    Firstof all download the FrizDumper client .jar file from:
    RuneTek 3 - OSRS XTEA Dumper

    This .zip contains not only a runnable version of the client but also the source (which uses a Gradle Nature incase you want to edit in your IDE)

    For now though we just want the .jar file > run this and wait - we are only waiting for the Application to download the latest gamegack.jar directly from OldSchool RuneScape (the beauty in this that it will work after each update) of which it will be able to 'watch' and collect the XTEAs sent to us as players.


    - FrizDumper running OSRS rev.143 (Login screen)
    That's it - Login and play... The client will now be constantly looking for new Keys and creating files in the repository generated by the application where you will find the gamepack.jar and also the keys in seperate files.

    For this guide I logged in using a new OldSchool RuneScape account and played through Tutorial Island (which to be fair never changes so the XTEAs wont either :) ) which is alot longer than I ever remember by the way.


    -managed to get to Lumby


    - These are some of the XTEAs you will get.


    Thanks for reading guys, Hope this helps.

    - Ian.
    #1 Ian, Jun 2, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2017
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  2. Beautiful contribution, as always Ian. Great job.
  3. Thanks for this guide, will dump some keys now.
  4. thanks for this ian very useful
  5. Thanks dude I needed this real bad <3
  6. This is pretty sweet, will be sure to use it once Dragon Slayer 2 comes out. :emoji_grinning: