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Foxtrot Studios Website Rewrite

Discussion in 'Projects & Releases' started by King Fox, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Been working on this for the past couple months. Entirely written in Phalcon, definitely my best work yet by far. I've always known my code wasn't the best but some time ago someone mentioned Phalcon to me and figured I'd give it a try. Haven't really turned away from it since i started using it on my personal projects.

    You can demo parts of it here: Sorry you must be logged in to read this.
    Click here to log in.

    You will not be able to demo the checkout process due to how the api works. (Currently in Sandbox)

    Many of the views are also using Volt template engine, which I'm currently in love with lol.

    [ done ] [ started ] [ not started ]

    - Homepage
    - Login
    - Register
    - Recover Account
    - Error Pages

    - Storefront
    --- Product listing w/ Pagination
    --- Product details page
    --- Checkout using PayPal Express Checkout API

    - User Panel
    --- Change password
    --- Upload Avatar
    --- Purchase History
    ------ Download purchases

    Admin Panel
    --- Statistics
    --- Products listing
    ------ Edit
    ------ Delete
    ------ Add
    --- Payments History
    ------ Add
    ------ Lock
    ------ Delete
    --- Users
    ------- Banning

    Got a lot of work ahead of me but shouldn't be entirely too long :P







    #1 King Fox, Aug 10, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2017
  2. Looks very clean and Nicely worked, the UI looks like it has a nice feel to it.
    Nice work on this, keep us updated.
  3. about to update it right now, copied it from rune-server, so slightly outdated :)
  4. Eh getting back into making some more cool things would love to see more love your work, keep it up.
  5. Project is now complete and is live!
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  6. This is nice bro everytime you post an update the site gets better, looks so sleek aswell. Mad props :emoji_handshake::emoji_crown:
  7. Looks good, if I can give you one tip, it's pretty annoying that the header bar comes down when you scroll up and haven't reached the top of the webpage yet. Idk is it's a bug or intented.
  8. Sorry you must be logged in to read this.
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    It's intentional :P