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Ghost.'s Service shop

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Ghost, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Care Packages
    What are Care Packages?
    Care packages are a fun automated event in-game, whereby players can speed to the wilderness ( Multi-Pk areas genuinely, but it can be changed to wherever you want )
    trying to loot the care package, which contains very impressive and desirable loot. The loot can be adjusted to your liking, but I do advice keeping it quite good and once every 1-2 hours depending on the popularity of your server.
    Upon looting the care package, you will be frozen for 5 seconds and tele blocked for around a minute ( These can change according to your liking ).
    At the moment, the only bad part of this event is that players sometimes come and loot with Level 3 ALT Accounts, I can make it so you need to be at a certain combat level to loot it, but then again, it's unfair for those who are Pure's and so on, that cannot loot because they're not at the correct combat level...
    I will provide some media on the event, and how it works :

    The costs for setting this up is around $20-30, I am looking to make it $20 for the first couple of customers. In exchange for this service, I do highly ask you to vouch and comment on how you felt about the service etc.
    NOTE : The main purpose of this event is to make the wilderness more active, and create some drama/fun inside the community, however, players can get PK'ed and cleaned whilst trying to loot, so I highly advice you to not make this a frequent event and rather every 1-2 hours, or maybe even longer. Thanks.

    Custom Quests/Events
    I can add in custom quests and events, For instance, I have added one onto my old server.
    It's just something cool to have and a great addition to a server, here is the custom quest I added to my server : Beast Slayer I
    The boss, and the mechanics of the quest can be changed to your liking, just hit me a PM on Discord, As I am most likely to reply there.
    Price : 20-50$
    I can offer other kinds of services and help also, but mainly Server-sided.
    e.g. Bug fixes, fixing something etc..

    NOTE : Refunds will be made as impossible as possible, as you will have to add a note saying you will not ask for a refund and claim the same thing on a chat with me.
    I will always receive the payment straight before I give you the code/help you implement it, Always.
    I accept Paypal/OSRS GP.

    Contact Details :
    Discord : Ghost.[HASHTAG]#6381[/HASHTAG]
    Or Rune-Status Via PM or Replies down below <
    #1 Ghost, Jun 6, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2018
  2. Good luck with sales buddy.