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How Did You Get Into Anime?

Discussion in 'Media & Entertainment' started by Gee, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. Couldn't figure out how to PM someone but did you ever play on rsps's under the name of "IamGod"/"God" or something along those lines? I had a friend I met with from RS on a few rsps a few years ago and he also spoke french (which I assume you do too from your name) ;p

    OT: Wolf's rain and Naruto when I was like 7, so like 10+ years ago.
  2. digimon to pokemon to yugioh to dbz to inuyasha to bleach.
  3. Click someones name and 'start conversation'
  4. A friend of mine back in 2nd grade haha. I watch anime from time to time
  5. heard of squid girl from ice poseidon. fell in love with comedy anime :)
  6. Started watching Deathnote as a kid and just enjoyed it. started branching out.
    however, only a few do i enjoy.
  7. Naruto Gang.
    F*** DBZ.
    Idc about your opinions, DBZ is trash.