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How-to change the Login Torch Sprites

Discussion in 'Guides & Tutorials' started by Ian, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Hey guys,

    In this guide I will be explaining how to add Custom Sprites to the Flames seen on the Client login screens Torches. I don't think I've seen a Client with this customisation since Moparisthebest made his 317-RSPS-Client and released it in time for Christmas which had Snowmen in the Flames instead of the normal Runes. Now it's pretty easy to achieve this customisation and really only needs a couple of Custom images made up which you can then pack into the 'runes.dat' from the 'Title.jag' archive.

    For this guide I will be showing you how to pack the Runes from the 154.3/4 update (Fossil Island) which added Skulls, Bones and Fossils to the Flames in replacement for the standard Rune Images, this is nothing exciting but it will show you how to be able to add your own images once you have read through.
    Note: Thanks for @Matthew off of RSBuddy and the RuneLite team for supplying me with the Sprite dump from 154.3 which contained the updated Runes images and ideas which Saved me time looking in the wrong places. I'd never actually done this before but knew it was do-able so gave it a shot, I found it was relativly straight forward and I hope I can write this out clear enough for you to be able to follow along step-by-step.
    For this guide we will be using 2 different RS2 Cache editing tools, 'RS2 Asset Manager' (or 'rsam') and also focusing more on using the modified version of 'Toms Cache Suite', now the reason we will be using 2 different tools (possibly one depending how you would like to get this process done.) is that the 'rsam-gui.jar' tool isn't capable of packing .png/.gif files into the Title Archive directly (As far as I'm aware - if it is possible please let me know so I can edit the guide.) though Toms Cache Suite is able to do so. The reason for using 'rsam' in this guide is in case you would like to completely skip the process of adding the new images yourself and would just like to pack them into the Cache directly, RSAM by nshusa is better all round for rewriting the cache and modifications though for this point its yet to be added as far as I'm aware..

    I've attached both tools to the bottom of the thread, download whichever tool you will be using. If you intend to pack your own Sprites instead of the ones I have attached then you will be wanting Toms Cache Suite, if you just want to pack the 'runes.dat' and have the Fossil Island updates Flames then please just use RSAM. Please proceed to download the Tool you will be using now.

    Now that we have out tools we are ready to get going with the guide. The first thing we will be doing is using Toms Cache Suite to edit the runes.dat file of the Title.jag archive. So to do this we first need to run the 'Toms Suite.jar' application. Once out cache is loaded into the application you will note that the buttons on the 'Toolkit' are now available to press. Now although we are editing a Jagex Archive (.jag) file we are going to use the 'View/Edit Image Archives' Tool instead, so click this, when you click it you will be asked to select which type of image you would like to edit, You want to be selecting 'Title' from the drop down menu and clicking OK to continue.

    When you have successfully done that a window called 'Editing Images: title.jag' will appear, this is now allowing us to mess around with the images inside the title.jag archive which is pretty neat, this enables us to simple edit the images that are stored inside the cache without first dumping, editing and then repacking. Now on this window you will notice there are 6 separate containers:
    • Files,
    • Images,
    • Info,
    • Properties,
    • Preview and
    • Operations.
    Note: I will be referring to these containers as I continue so please familiarise yourself with the naming and placing of the containers so as to not get lost during the next steps.

    Some of you will notice that in the 'Files' container there is a list of the contents of the Title.jag, these are the Title images (including the Fonts used.) You SHOULD have listed here the following Files:
    • p11_full.dat
    • p12_full.dat
    • b12_full.dat
    • q8_full.dat
    • logo.dat
    • title.dat
    • titlebox.dat
    • titlebutton.dat
    • runes.dat
    These are the files contained inside the standard 317/377 Cache. Feel free to take the time to click through these too see what images are contained within them - Now importantly some of you will have noticed that there may be some of these missing, mainly 'title.dat' and 'runes.dat' There is a reason behind this and that is to do with the tool itself, I was looking in to this recently and nshusa mentioned that this is caused because the tools are trying to read the 'title.dat' as another archive so to speak where as this is just an image like the ones contained inside 'p11_full.dat' (though this may not seem to make sense for the 'runes.dat' which is in fact an image archive containing 12 images.) this isn't an issue for what we are attempting though.

    For those who have the issue of the 'runes.dat' being missing from the tools Files list then please read this paragraph to come to a sort of resolution to the problem. What we need to do is instead of trying to view the images as we have been doing so far with the Tool, we will look directly at just the files and file information contained in the cache, to do this we close the 'Editing Images: title.jag' window and click the 'View/Edit JaGeX archives' button from the 'Toolkit', choose 'Title.jag' again to view the contents of the Jagex archive. What I want you to do is click runes.dat (you will notice that the files Did in fact exist in the cache.) and then continue to click 'Remove File'. Close this window and click Yes to repack if prompted to do so, then proceed to view the Image archive again from clicking the 'View/Edit Image Archives'. Once the window is visible Click the '+' at the bottom of the Files container, then you will be prompted to enter a new name, this is just 'runes' as the suffix will be added automatically. You will then see that 'runes.dat' has been added to the top of the Files list.

    The people following this guide who could skip the last paragraph will be able to click on 'runes.dat' and be shown the images that are contained inside it (images of runes no less.) and for those people we will be Replacing the images with the newer ones, for those who have had to follow along completely and have had to add their own runes archive then we are going to be Adding new images.
    Now I went ahead and sourced the images which I credited before to @Matthew and the RuneLite team off of the Fossil Island update as i stated before so please go ahead and download this image pack now and place them somewhere easily accessible.

    Now that we have our images and our runes.dat ready to go for replacements/additions we can move forward to get our results, So the first thing we need to do is select 'runes.dat' from our Files Container, then depending on whether we had to add our own or there are images available, we need to add our fist image, So to do this we click the '+' at the bottom of the Images container, for those who have the old images already view-able we select the '0.dat' image. Once the '+' has been clicked you will be prompted to choose a name, type number 0 and click OK, then navigate to the '0.png' image from the pack you downloaded, this will add the new image to our runes archive, for those who already had 0.dat, click it and choose 'Import' from the Operations container and navigate to the image pack you downloaded and choose '0.png' - You have successfully added your first image.

    We need to complete the step for the rest of the images in the pack, there should be a total of 12 new images we have added to our 'runes.dat' image archive - Once this is completed we then need to save our Archive so click 'Save Archive' in the Operations container and then click OK to accept that the cache will be rebuilt if you are asked to do so... Once we have done that we are pretty much done with the guide and you should now see the newer images in the flame urns on the Login screen of your Client! If you would like to know a bit more about the runes.dat image archive in case you would like to create custom rune packs then please continue reading otherwise give yourself a pat on the back, we're done :emoji_grinning: !


    Other information:
    Creating customised Runes
    Some of you may not want to use the 154.3/4 Client sprites for the Flames (the Fossil Island update.) and may want to add your own version of the Runes in the flames, this is pretty straight forward although there is not much information available about going about it online, there are a few key bits of information you need to know about creating the images and you need to follow these points to achieve doing it:
    1. Images must be the same dimensions in size. (96x96)
    2. Image foreground must ONLY be plain White (0xFFFFFF) color
    3. Image background must ONLY be in alpha Pink (0xFF00FF) color.
    4. Images must be in PNG-8 or GIF format and contain only 256 (255 including 0) colours in the pallet.
    Providing your custom Sprites match this criteria then you should be able to add them using the exact same method as above. If you pack an image which meets this criteria but for some reason when loading the client only shows a Square then there could be a possible problem with the image, try checking it matches the criteria and if so then try using an image compression tool online to shrink the files size.​

    Using more (or less) than 12 Images
    When looking at the Clients source where the loading of the 'runes.dat' image archive is done you will notice that the images are placed in an array, if there is less than 12 images you will get an error for there being too few, and if you add more than 12 it just wont show as its only counting the first 12 images. See the code below taken from the 'loadTitleScreen()' method found in Client.java:​
            titleIndexedImages = new IndexedImage[12];
            int icon = 0;
            try icon = Integer.parseInt(getParameter("fl_icon"));
            catch (Exception ex) ;
            if (icon == 0) {
                for (int index = 0; index < 12; index++)
                    titleIndexedImages[index] = new IndexedImage(titleArchive, "runes", index);
                for (int index = 0; index < 12; index++)
                    titleIndexedImages[index] = new IndexedImage(titleArchive, "runes", 12 + (index & 3));
            flameLeftSprite = new Sprite(128, 265);
            flameRightSprite = new Sprite(128, 265);
    If we want to use more or less images than 12 in our image archive then we simply just change the 12's seen above to the preferred number. Simple enough!

    Dumping the entire Runes i-archive
    To dump a 'runes.dat' image archive you have built using custom or pre-made sprites for others to use or to use in another Clients cache you need to use the RSAM tool, using RSAM load your cache and navigate to the 'Index 0(Archives)' -> title.jag -> runes.dat and when selected click the 'Dump' button. You will be prompted to select a directory to save the i-archive too once done.

    Replacing the entire Runes i-archive
    To replace the 'runes.dat' image archive with one that you have sourced from another member or somewhere online or even one you have premade for another client you should use the RSAM tool to add/replace it in your cache. To do this open the RSAM program by nshusa and load your cache, once done navigate to 'Index 0(Archives)'' -> title.jag -> runes.dat and when selected click the 'Replace' button. You will be prompted to select the file of which you would like to replace the current one with.
    Thanks for reading,

    Attached Files:

  2. Nice tutorial Ian! Like always