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How-to create RS2 Hybrids Pt.1: Dumping OSRS Data

Discussion in 'Guides & Tutorials' started by Ian, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Hey guys,
    In this Two part guide I will be running you through how to create a 317/OSRS Hybrid out of your current RS2/317 Client. I will be firstly teaching you the basics of dumping data from the OSRS Cache in a suitable RS2 format and then moving on from there I will guide you through Packing the said Data into your RS2 Cache. I hope you find it useful and learn a thing or two in the process!!

    In this part I'm going to be explaining how to create a Data pack similar to the 'OSRS Rev.# Cache and Cache Dumps' which are regularly released here on Rune-Status.net using alternative tools. From there we will then be able to move on to packing the data in the next part of the guide.

    It's worth noting now that for ease during this guide I will be explaining how to do this using a Client which has already been patched to be able to load custom data from the 317 cache, I will be using the Astreaus-V2 Client which was set-up during my 'How-to set-up an Rsps Pt.2: Client' guide. You will be able to do the same thing I do in this guide using any number of 317 Protocol Clients which have had their 'readValues()' patched as to be able to load OldSchool RuneScape data which has been 'Packed' into the RuneScape2 Cache stores.

    The method I will be showing today will be fully using Chad Alans tools which he created specifically for his Astreaus Project though they can be used anywhere they are more suited to work perfectly along side the entire Astreaus-v2 project. I have put together an attachment with some tools and a folder structure we will be using throughout this guide to help make it cleaner to understand. Please download that now and extract it to somewhere easily accessible.

    As you can see from the image below the pack has a number of different Folders and some Java applications as Jar executables.
    Note: If you do not make use of Git Bash on Windows then rename the extensions on the .sh files to .bat/.cmd

    I will first run you though how to create a Cache Dump pack and then further explain how to make use of the data dumped from the OldSchool RuneScape Cache. So what I first want you to do is Directly download the Latest OSRS cache, to do this go into the Folder names '/cache-grabber' and run the download.sh application. This application was made by @Sapphirus which you will be able to find freely available on Github.

    The Cache downloading tool will attempt to find the latest revision then proceed to download file by file, if you leave say, Rev.154's cache in the folder knowing that Rev.155 is available the program will only download the files which where changed during the update to give you an updated cache. This is a great feature and if you do wish to Pack the data from each new revision this is a good idea too do as it will save some time instead of having to download the individual cache files each time.

    Once the program has completed its process you should now have a full (99%+) Cache for the latest Revision as you can see in the image below you will have something very similar:

    What you should do now for ease of use is Copy this into your '/_CACHE/' directory. If you haven't already then you should copy+paste the '/_empty_template/' folder and rename it the Revision number you are dealing with, in my case at the time of writing this guide the Revision is on 154.2.
    Note: ###.2 being the second update to a revision, this happens regularly when RuneScape is updated but only the Cache was updated and there was no need for them to update and push out a new release of the Client gamepack.

    Providing you have done this you can then copy the Cache from the '/cache_grabber/data' folder into the '/154u2/cache' folder.

    Now that we have a full version of the latest OSRS Revisions cache we can no proceed to dumping the data from within it. Now for this guide only I will be using Chad Alans tool named 'osdc-gui.jar' which I have renamed in this case to simply 'cache-dumper.jar', go ahead and run the program and you will see a GUI like the image below:


    First thing we are going to do is dump the Client Configs from the config archive of the OSRS Cache in an earlier RS2 Format so we are able to then pack this data into our own RS2 cache, proceed to Click the button for 'Item Definitions (obj)', you will be prompted to select the OSRS Cache location, so using the File navigation shown on-screen once pressing the button and choose the '/_CACHE/154u2/cache' directory, where we copied our Cache too in the previous step.

    Once done the program will then dump the obj.idx and obj.dat files in RS2 format into a new folder called '/dump/', For now though continue to Click through the buttons one by one until you have successfully dumped all of the following:
    • Item Definitions,
      • obj.idx & obj.dat
    • NPC Definitions,
      • npc.idx & npc.dat
    • Obejct Definitons,
      • loc.idx & loc.dat
    • Animation Definitons,
      • seq.dat
    • Graphic Definitions,
      • spotanim.dat
    • Varbit Definitons,
      • varbit.dat
    • Floor Definitions,
      • flo.dat
    • Identity Kit,
      • idk.dat
    Once done, proceed to copy all the files from inside the '/dump/' folder into the '/_CACHE/154u2/data' folder.
    Note: They should be in the folder along side the empty folders for index1-4 not inide these folders.

    The next thing we need to do is dump the 'indices' of the OSRS Cache in RS2 format, if you kept the program open during the past steps you should be able to simply click the 4 buttons for Indices 1 through 3 with no trouble at all.
    Note: Please rename the '/amins/' folder to 'index2' for ease later on!!

    Now the tricky bit which the majority of people stumble on is dumping index4 which is the Maps of the game, an important part if you want to successfully pack the OldSchool data into older RS2 revisions.
    For this part you must first understand that in older RS2 revisions the Maps were not Encrypted, though later on just before RSHD came about Jagex started to Encrypt the maps in the Cache using something Called XTEA encryption. What this means is that you cannot just simply dump the Maps from the cache and they will work just as the Indices 1 - 3 were able too, now this was added due to the rise in smarter botting during the time.

    You WILL need the latest XTEAs to unlock the revisions maps, and do get them - you need to use a custom Client... a 3rd party Client, now the client I have provided was written by Kyle Friz, and even though slighty outdated, it still works like a charm. So if you would like the maps for the latest OSRS then you will need to go arround RuneScape Collecting them.
    Note: Check out this thread for more information for Dumping Xteas: rev.317 - Dumping Xtea's From Osrs

    BUT... for the Rune-Status.net users I keep a fairly decent store of XTEAs for each revision, and of cause when RS is updated I try to give you guys the data and the XTEAs asap, Though sometimes they are missing a few maps, most of the world is still available. So for this example only please proceed to download: rev.317 - OSRS REV.154u2 CACHE AND CACHE DUMPS, place the XTEAs from the downloaded pack into the '/_CACHE/154u2/xtea' folder.
    Important Note: We will only be using the XTEAs from these packs as the data dumped in those packs are done using a different tool and method.

    Now that we have some XTEAs to enable us to Decrypt the maps stored in the cache we can now dump the maps, once you have dumped Indiices 1-3 proceed to click Index4, you will be prompted to select the XTEAs location so using the File navigation shown please locate the '/_CACHE/154u2/xtea' directory. The maps will them dump into '/dump/index4/'. Please copy all 4 folders into the '/_CACHE/154u2/data/' folder so that we now have all the data available to dump from the cache stored in one nice folder easy to find for the next part of the guide (packing it).

    That is pretty much it for this part of the guide, you should now have all of what is needed to move forward. All the Configs and Indices dumped from the OSRS Cache in a suitable RS2 format.

    Ready to move on? Check out Pt.2 of the guide: rev.317 - How-to create RS2/OSRS Hybrids Pt.2: Packing Data

    Thanks for Reading.
    - Ian

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