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How To Mod Call Of Duty Black Ops One Zombies On Xbox 360 (works Online)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Jaimy, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. (excuses for bad grammar in advance)

    Sup guys, today i'll be showing you how to mod call of duty black ops one zombies, offline AND multiplayer.
    (this turtorial is only for xbox 360)

    - USB flash drive.
    - 2 controllers.
    - Call of Duty Black Ops one.
    - Xbox live gold. (if you want to play online)
    - Horizon Xbox 360 modding tool: (Horizon Xbox 360 USB Modding Tool Download - < download
    - Savegame.svg & Player profile: (http://www.mediafire.com/file/m9ct7d59o3rkgod/how_to_mod_bo1_zombies.rar) < download

    Once you've followed these steps, plugin the flash drive into your console.
    Go to system settings, then go to storage.

    Transfer the player profile you want to use to mod on to your flash drive,
    make sure your Campaign savegame is deleted as well.

    When ready launch Call of duty black ops one. (still leaving your flash drive plugged in)

    Once in the start up menu you'll get to choose your storage device, choose the flash drive.

    After you have picked the right storage device, go to campaign choose 'new game'.

    You can skip through the cutscene, once in game press start, Save and exit.

    The savegame will be located on your flash drive automatically.

    For the next steps you will need your pc or laptop.

    plugin your USB into your computer and open horizon xbox 360 modding tool, go to games/call of duty black ops one.
    Drag the savegame you put on your flash drive over to the middle of the screen like this: upload_2017-1-17_12-42-20.png
    Extract the savegame.svg + Player profile( upload_2017-1-17_12-34-41.png example of how the player profile looks like) to your desktop.

    Drag the Savegame.svg into horizon like this: upload_2017-1-17_12-43-29.png

    Next, copy your profile ID, device ID, and console ID onto the modded savegame.svg like this:

    Save, rehash, and resign both savegames, and close the interfaces.

    Next go back to game / call of duty black ops one, and drag the savegame.svg from your desktop over to here:
    Skip this step, 'would you like to overwrite it' yes, then click OK.

    Go over to Player profiles, and drag the profile on your desktop over to here:
    Click OK.

    For the next steps, plug the USB back into your xbox.
    log in to the account you want to mod, and launch Call of Duty black ops one.
    Once in the start screen choose your memory unit, choose this one:

    Next, go to campaign and press resume game:
    Press yes.

    The following steps are very important in order to get the mods to work.
    Turn the second controller on but don't log in with it yet.
    Once the cutscene loads up skip it like we did before,
    in-game press the xbox icon on your controller to log in.
    Log in to 'gamerturtorials' Pick an avatar, press the xbox icon again, and press back.
    if you've done it the right way you should be able to see something along the line of this:

    The '60' indicates you've activated the mods correctly.
    For controls you can open the 'controller layout.txt' (comes with the savegame.svg)

    Once sorted, press the xbox icon again and 'save and quit'
    Wait for the cutscene to finish and log out on your second controller 'gaming turtorials'.

    Go over to Zombies, upload_2017-1-17_13-20-37.png
    and choose whatever map you want except the dead ops arcade.

    For the last step in offline mode, simply press the back button again.
    Now these mods will only work in offline mode.

    For multiplayer zombie mods, please follow these next steps carefully.

    Exit the solo mission by pressing the xbox icon again.

    Next you'll need to un plug your flas drive, and plug it back into your computer.

    Simply drag the player profile on your desktop over to the section called 'player profiles'
    and just overwrite again like we did before. (THIS IS NOT THE savegame.svg)

    Plug the flash drive back into your console, go to zombies, xbox live, and press 'find match'
    In order to get the mods to work online you'll need to be the host of the game so good connection is recommended.

    Next, make sure your second controller is turned on again.

    Once you got into a game wait for the game to be fully loaded, log in to your gamerturtorials account with second controller, and basically do the same thing you did before.

    Remember to press the 'back' button when you've followed these steps.

    NOTE: you will not get banned for any mods used online, simply because black ops one is such a old game.

    For any further questions you can always contact me through pm or discord.


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    #1 Jaimy, Jan 17, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2017
  2. Brilliant. :emoji_thumbsup:
    Keep it up Jaimy.
  3. Do you know of a way to do this on PC?
  4. Thanks alot mate, more to come :)
  5. No idea dude, i know how to use mods offline on pc but don't know how the online mods work tbh.