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How-to pack OSRS Textures in RS2 Hybrids

Discussion in 'Guides & Tutorials' started by Ian, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Hey guys,
    Just another quick guide on how to fix the Textures in RS2/OSRS Hybrids. It's worth making a note that in RS2 the Textures where different to what they are now in OSRS.

    Now the problem that lies with packing OSRS textures into the RS2 cache is the difference in sizes, in RS2 there was a strict sizing system, the Textures could either be 64x64 or 128x128, if an image was slightly off those dimensions then the image wouldn't show at all in-game. For instance take a look at these images from a 317 Client loading 154 data. There is also the issue where by the actual ID's of the Textures in the cache have been slightly scrambled, meaning the Client will attempt to load Textures for Objects which are completely wrong. Another issues is the actual size of the Textures file, if the file is too big the Cache wont read it, you won't be able to tell this from just running a Client because the client will select the images one-by-one though if you use a Cache editor which loops though each of the files, it will stutter and fail after trying to load a bigger file size.
    You will notice two things. In the First image the Roofs shown are made of Wood - for those who don't know this is terribly wrong, This is supposed to be a Slate Tile Texture, as you will see later on in the guide. Now the Second image is as plain as daylight too see, and if you cant spot it check out the spoiler
    There is no Foliage on the Trees!
    This is because of the problem with the dimensions of the Texture, they are 121x128 instead of the full 128x128. This is the same issue with the Fountain in the Second image, This also affects Moving textures as you can see. They won't load at all because the size of the image or the dimensions of the image is incorrect.
    Note: This is something I have found to be true, though if I'm wrong Please do let me know so the thread can be updated!!

    Luckily there is a quick fix to all the issues here and I will now try to guide you through the process of rectifying the mistakes. I've created a Texture pack and attached it to the bottom of the post, this contains all the Textures from the Current OSRS revision (154u3) from 0-58 which have been resized and compressed to work inside the RS2 cache... now some of you will know already that in RS2 there was in fact only 0-49 (Sometimes 0-50) textures. That's fine - I'll run you though a technique to add the extra Textures straight into your RS2 Hybrid cache.

    So firstly Download the attached archive with the Textures in both .png and more importantly .dat formats which have been resized/compressed to work with the RS2 format. You will want to extract there somewhere Simple enough to find, the Desktop should suffice for this task. The next thing we will need to to is open our RS2 hybrid Cache in a piece of Cache Editing Software. For this task I tend to use 'Tom's Cache Suite' though as I am using a client from the Astraeus Project I will be using a tool called 'RS2 Asset Manager' or 'rsam' ('rsam-gui.jar') - which I've attached a copy of the tool to the end of the Thread for those who don't have a copy of it.

    The first thing we need to do is to open up the 'rsam-gui.jar' application, Click 'Load' to show the file-browser, you will need to navigate to your RS2 Cache directory, once done we need to navigate ourselves to the Textures archive, To do this click 'Index 0 (Archives)' in the left-hand column, This will show us a list of the archives inside that indice, next we need to open up the Textures archive, so right-click 'Open' to open a new window which will have the Textures archive in the left-hand column, click this to be shown the Textures found inside. You will see a list of 0-49 (sometimes 50 as shown in my case) and also the index of the Textures though we don't need to mess with the Index file in this guide. Check-out the video below if you have issues with following the above.
    The first thing we will do is to add the extra files needed, as you see there are only 50-51 files of textures, we need 59 for the OSRS Textures, to do this click 'Add' at the bottom of the application and navigate to the directory with the .dat format Textures and choose the next number up, So if you have 49 textures, add 50, if you have 50 add 51... and continue to do this until you have added all the new textures.

    Now the next thing we need to do is to replace the Textures which where already there, starting with 0 through too 49 or 50, this will ensure that we have All the new textures and not just the most recent ones added. To do this we select the Texture of which we want to replace and then click the 'Replace' button at the bottom of the application, navigate through to the .dat Textures and select the number which you are trying to replace.


    Once we have successfuly added and replaced all the textures with the new ones we are able then to repack the cache and check out our progress, so once done you can then close the Textures window, this will leave open the Incide list (the list of Index files.)

    Important Note: Don't right click 'Index 0(archive) ' to Repack this was a mistake.

    That's it! We have successfully added the new OSRS Textures. You will now notice that Objects such as Fountains and Magic Trees have the animated Textures working and other things such as the Roofs around the world will be the correct Texture, as well as some of the textures which didn't work at all in RS2 will be working just fine now.
    Thanks for reading,
    - Ian

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    #1 Ian, Sep 9, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2017
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  2. Very nice read and I love the level of detail. Although...
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  3. Thanks for this, Im sure this will come in use to someone.
  4. wasn't runescape in the past considered 317 old-school? i mean, the stuff osrs has nowadays wasn't even in the original runescape.