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How to set-up an Rsps Pt.3: Server

Discussion in 'Guides & Tutorials' started by Ian, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. Note: While writing this I assume you have already followed Pts.1 & 2 of the guide.

    Welcome back, so far we have successfully set-up our Environment to be able to develop with the Java language and have and IDE ready and rearing to go writing programmes. We have also cloned the source of one of the best available RuneScape 2 Private Clients available from Github using Eclipse and proceeded to launch the client to let us know we had everything working just fine.

    Now in this Tutorial i will guide you though how to clone and run your very first Private Server. Belive me - This is where the fun starts.

    For this part of the guide i have selected yet again another repo which was created by Chad Alen aka Freyr - Which has again since been removed but luckily saved on our own Github account, we will be doing what we did in Pt.2 of the guide and cloning the repo using eclipse.

    Note: Now before going ahead with this, Astreaus-v2 Server requires two things, Gradle and Lombok. Both of these I explained how to get during Pt.1 of the guide, if you skipped right ahead to this part then please do go back and complete the steps involved. Should take around 5 minutes to be ready to proceed.

    So for the first part I would like you to clone the Server source from the Github repo here: <GitHub - Rune-Status/astraeus-server-v2: A super powerful runescape private server framework>, the steps involved are exactly the same as the steps taken in cloning the Client so if you skipped ahead please do go back and refer to Pt.2 for instructions on how to clone a repo from Github using Eclipse.

    For those of you who have used Gradle before and have configured Eclipse to automatically give imported projects a 'Gradle Nature' then you will be fine and the Source will be runnable as soon as you have imported it, so you can feel free to skip ahead a few steps. But for those who haven't then you will need to add the 'Gradle Nature' yourself. This is pretty straight forward and what this does is source all the 'Dependencies' for a project which are needed to Build or Compile it.

    To add 'Gradle Nature' to the astreaus-server-v2 project you simply Right-click on the Project folder, and at the bottom of the menu click 'Configure' -> 'Add Gradle Nature', and Eclipse will do all the work for you. Note that this option will only show once you have updated your Eclipse Gradle Buildship addon via the Marketplace, which I outlined in Pt.1:Environment. If you're having trouble doing this then check out this poorly made video I made to show how it's done:

    Now if you have followed each step carefully you should now have Java installed, with Eclipse configured and running fine, You will have both a Client and Server source in your IDE with no errors which is where we want to be right now. We are basically almost done.

    The last thing we need to do for this part is simply Run the Server! So to do this is exactly the same as running the Client as read about in Pt.2 of the guide though this time the Class we will be executing is called 'Server', So open up the 'src/main/java' module and open up the 'io.astreaus' package to get a visual on the Server file. Right click this and 'Run As' -> 'Java Application', If you have any trouble please take a look at another one of my poor explanation videos:

    That's It!
    Now I guess its time to LOGIN to your new RuneScape Private Server!!​

    To Login is simple, just Run the Server until you see the message in the Console;
    Then Run the Client Along side it, then enter any Username and Password and Click LOGIN. Boom! Welcome to the world of RSPS!! Having trouble Running the Server and Client to achieve Login? Check out this last poor video I've made to show these steps in action:

    Thanks for reading!

    If you would like to know a bit more about the basic customisation of your Private Server then please check out the Guides & Tutorials available to Customise your set-up.
    #1 Ian, Aug 28, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2017
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  2. So i've done everything correctly but when i try to run the server i get this error..
    The method getId() is undefined for the type World
    The method getId() is undefined for the type World

    at io.astraeus.Server.main(Server.java:53)


  3. You need to add Lombok to Eclipse - follow Pt.1
  4. Ian Since the project is using Lombok if anyone is having issues after adding Lombok you may need to turn on Annotation processing.

    In Eclipse
    How to configure Java Annotation Processor(s) in Eclipse?

    In Intellij
    Settings - > Compiler -> Annotation Processor -> Check enable annotation processing
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  5. Hey, i've done everything on the guide, but when i load the client and try to log in, it says error connecting to server
    it shows this on the console Gyazo - 9764df41ed4686f9f0a06e5a9ee404fe.png
  6. What you've shown there is just the client printing out the amounts of whats being loaded that's not an issue its helpful if anything.
    Do you have any error with the server? Or are you using a different server from what was outlined?
  7. im using the same server as u, i did everything u did, and it says error connecting to server
  8. Any errors?
  9. 0 errors, 13 warnings
  10. Are you running both server and client on the same pc? Did you set the ip in your client to Are you using the correct port (43594)?