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is it possible

Discussion in 'Help & Requests' started by oday1997, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. is it possible to change chatbox background and inventory in osrs?if so how so feel free to move this topic if i put it in wrong section xd
  2. You can do this using Harlans Cache Editor or any OSRS Cache tools.
  3. There already was a post about this? is it possible what happened to it? lol
  4. I saw that post and was very confused because it's your reply, but I had no idea what you were replying to. :emoji_grinning: Possibly a bug or maybe you clicked something that made a new thread instead of replying to the original thread?
  5. Pretty sure it was this same thread, multiple people also responded. Either a bug or someone moved the thread without moving the reply's Ian ? Or maybe op removed his post but not the thread and reposted in this section(if that is even possible).
  6. This was the reply before it got dark. It looks like the thread was removed but the comments didn't go with it. I've removed the thread completely this time.
  7. This is the tool that I use (betterSpritePacker)

    Virus Scan:

    Attached Files: