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Just a neat little piece I did

Discussion in 'Art & Graphic Design' started by palamyre, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. So here's a little render of mine[​IMG]
  2. That honestly looks like a photograph bro, Kudos.
  3. Lol cool
  4. Wait, that's not a photograph?

    Amazing! Probably wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't seen this comment, looks very realistic
  5. You should work for real estate agents who try to fake putting furniture in the houses to make it sell better. I see some of them trying and it is so obviously fake rofl.. (Probably just for general visuals but still)
  6. Oo this is pretty sick, do you use maya or blender for your renders? (please dont tell me you use 3ds:emoji_disappointed_relieved:)
  7. I really dig this! Good work, doesn't look fake!
  8. Was thinking this too^.

    Awesome work.
  9. Wow nice! This looks so realistic! Good job man
  10. Wow this looks amazing, really realistic