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MIDI Music Packer 2017-09-29

A simple tool that packs MIDI files into the OSRS cache.

  1. lequietriot submitted a new resource:

    MIDI Music Packer - A simple tool that packs MIDI files into the OSRS cache.

    Read more about this resource...
  2. Absolutely brilliant thank you for this (: If you have any other useful tools lequietriot don't hesitate to post them.
  3. Is this open source? Would like to look into the code if possible :)
  4. There was a link to the source but it got taken down along with the jar file, but I found this tool somewhere else (I can't remember where exactly) and have been holding on to it for a while.
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  5. I don't mean to gravedig right now but this is what I was looking for. To test this out I just replaced the login music with the grand exchange music, I packed it into the server's cache director.
    (I dumped all the midis from the cache using the OpenRS library, I'm also using a osrs deob as well). After loading up my client to hear the login music I get this message in the console

            at IndexDataBase.takeRecordFlat(IndexDataBase.java:346)
            at NPCComposition.method4770(NPCComposition.java:602)
            at class215.method3845(class215.java:156)
            at PlayerComposition.method4105(PlayerComposition.java:432)
            at Client.methodDraw(Client.java:2501)
            at GameEngine.method823(GameEngine.java:616)
            at GameEngine.run(GameEngine.java:1024)
            at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)
    I'm currently using the 160 deob. Any help is appreciated thanks!
  6. Hmm, my guess would be that there's no song present at login? It's been "nulled" or made empty somehow? When you packed the MIDI into the cache, did you enter 0 as the Music ID? That would replace the login screen. Whenever I try to repack dumped MIDI files, I find that I often need to play with them a bit to get them to sound as intended, usually by adding Bank MSB & LSB controls in each individual track inside of the file.