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New Year's Resolutions?

Discussion in 'Lounge & Fast Threads' started by Meow, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. I know it's so super tacky and cliche, but what sort of resolutions have you come up with for this year? I'd be lying if I said I had none, so here goes:

    • I'd like to write a chapter for a book; it's a bucket list item for me to become published at some point!
    • I'd like to write a song, whether there be lyrics or not, just something I can strum out for a period and recognize as that's MY song.

    That's about it! Super small, but hopefully possible.
  2. Start up my Rsps, finish my Bachelor
  3. Gaming:
    2100 total in osrs

    Buy a Firebird or an Evo

    Enjoy life a little bit more.