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rev.317 Orion 2018-01-10

2006 Remake

  1. Ian submitted a new resource:

    Orion - 2006 Remake

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. The front-end panel looks pretty sick although not really usefull I think.
  3. Cache is in the Download please stop messaging me about it (:

    'Orion 06.zip\Orion 06\Orion server\data\cache'
  4. I know the server is technically GPL. But, none of the other stuff here is. And, even in the case of the server, it's hard to say it's entirely super ethical to release this considering the backstory behind it all.
  5. Extremely right in what your saying, even if the server is sort of GPL its still wrong to release others work - however It IS being passed around and sold on and on and seeing as I gave up with the RSPS scene to fulfil some real life roles, I figured some of the files on my HDD would be better suited for the members of this community.

    If staff agree, I will happily remove my Resouce. (: :emoji_thumbsup: