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OSRS OS Insanity - Experience OSRS Greatness

Discussion in 'Server Promotion' started by shane, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]
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    Welcome to OS Insanity's official advertisement thread! Here at OS Insanity we strive to emulate some of OSRS's best features and content. We currently
    have over 20+ up to date bosses to choose from. OS Insanity offers the best instant pking with our unique districts that allow you to pk fast and how ever you may like with the customization of stats and easy access to great gear! Content aside, OS Insanity offers a great friendly community that is open to anyone who wishes to join and experience the fun! Exceptional OSRS gameplay is only a click away. Check it out for yourself today and register on our professional IPB forums and become a member of our new community today!
    - 4 Game Modes
    - Fully functionally just like OSRS Vorkath
    - Quests for questers
    - Easy, Med, Hard, Elite Clue Scrolls w/ Steps
    - Iron Man Mode
    - Unique Pk Mode
    - Ultimate Iron Man Mode
    - Extreme Mode
    - Raids w/ Group Support
    - Demonic Gorillas
    - Instant Vote/Donate
    - Highscores
    - Instanced Zulrah
    - Perfect Kraken
    - Cerberus
    - Abyssal Sire
    - Lizardman Shaman
    - Corporal Beast
    - Daily Rewards
    - Near Instant Pking
    - Daily Tasks
    - Pk Districts
    - Hunting Chins/Birds
    - Puro Puro
    - Looting Bag/Rune Pouch
    - Preset Gear Interface
    - Warriors Guild
    - Fullscreen/Resizable
    - Amazing Skilling
    - Advanced Slayer
    - Superior Slayer
    - Bank Pins/Bank Tabs
    - Achievements
    - New OSRS Prayers
    - Clan Wars
    - Highscores w/Pking
    - Quick Prayers
    - IPB Forums
    - + Alot more!
    Pk Mode is a new and unique way to quickly PK in OS Insanity. Basically every regular player can use PK mode, but they will not be able to use their bank or have items in their inventory while and before activating Pk Mode. Players on Pk Mode are able to use quick-sets (presets) or alternatively can get free gear from the free gear shop for Pk Mode. Regular players are not able to be attacked by or attack players in Pk Mode. Players also will have a safe deposit box in which they can store the items they wish to keep in Pk Mode so that they can go back to regular mode without losing good PvP loots. Lastly, for every pk you get in Pk Mode you will be awarded 5 blood money which can be spent at the Blood Money store or transferred back to reality and used as a currency in-game. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask me in-game or through private message.

    Note: Yes OS Insanity is back and this is the thread we used last time. I plan on hiring a GFX designer to design OS Insanity a brand new advertisement thread along with banners. I look forward to progressing OS Insanity so I will be starting a project thread soon to track overall development. Also just want to say a GIANT thank you to everyone who knows of this project or has played it in the past. You guys allow me to do what I love. Lastly, thanks to anyone who checks out this thread and hope to see you in-game if not I wish you the very best!

    Home - Forums - Play Now - Vote - Hiscores

    I'm also looking for a developer to eventually work along side me so if you are experienced and have time please contact me. Thanks.