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OSBuddy like client

Discussion in 'Help & Requests' started by Tamatea, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. Hello, I'm looking into making my client similar to the OSBuddy client, I figure that the GUI itself can be done using Swing, but as for how i should do it I'm unsure.
    Should it be made into a seperate application that loads the client; or actually apart of the client itself?
    I understand things like prices and that could be pulled from my website, or should it be sent from the server as a packet?
    Things like timers, should the data concerning them be sent as a packet like a byte for the timer type, and a byte for the time.
    Highscores and things of that like will be pulled from the website.
    Any informative answers on this would be highly appreciated :emoji_grinning:
  2. #2 Ian, Nov 5, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2017
  3. I think he's more interested in replicating "OSBuddy" for a private server -- not an actual helper client for 07. If I'm wrong, then the above are pretty good open source references. There's also Wingman and RuneSuite on github.

    For a RSPS client, just use a jFrame and copy one of those clients UI. It's a lot easier for you to work with the client.
  4. Riley is right about using the JFrame for the look and feel of the clients, of cause if you DO want to make a helper client for the Server you will need to spend some time reworking a lot of things. I can tell you though that I wrote a pretty straight forward guide on adding the '2005/6 Frame and Menubar' to 317 Clients, however this can be a simple enough base for you to make it look OSBuddy style (Substance LAF)

    I took this image from the substance git - point is though look at the 3rd image Its similar to OSB/RL​