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rev.667 [OSHD] RedRune

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Tyluur, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Questions [​IMG]

    What is RedRune going to be like?

    RedRune is running on the #667 client revision, but it will be loading content from OldSchool RuneScape. The server is planned to be a fully economic server but with high incentives for PvP activity.

    What can you do to help?

    Join our discord community, stay active on this thread by Subscribing to it for daily updates, and give your feedback/suggestions.

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    Matrix Team
    #1 Tyluur, Jun 17, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2019
  2. 6/16/17
    +   Added hint icon outgoing packet
        -   Support for sending the icon on entities [npc/players]
        -   Support for sending the icon on tiles
        -   Support for sending different types of icons
        -   Support for sending icons on the minimap from a distance
        -   Refactored the client incoming packet
    +   Added a hint icon management system
        -   Support for following entities around, even those that are not on the minimap anymore...
            +   This can be used for things like target systems in the wilderness/pvp areas :]
    +   Fixed a clipping issue with objects (wilderness ditch would take up 2 tiles in the Y)
    +   Added woodcutting
        -   All tree types are supported [with tree levels]
        -   All hatchet types are supported (inferno adze included) [with priority for best axe] [hatchet levels too]
        -   With support for inferno adze
    +   Added projectile sending
    +   Added object spawning per region
    +   Added interface on object packet decoding, as well as pathfinding to the object

  3. 6/21/17
    +   Started on melee combat
        -   Diagonal combat doesn't work
        -   Tile collision finds the best tile to go to
    +   Added combat style saving
    +   Added auto retaliate saving
    +   Updated player appearance to show the player's combat level with summoning addition
    +   Fixed the bugged combat styles tab showing the wrong summoning level addition (S/O Walied)
    +   Fixed some interaction bugs
    +   Added critical damage algorithm (damage >= 90% = critical)
    +   Added damage absorption based on armour bonuses


    +   Added player following with dancing
    -   Support for never getting stuck behind objects
    -   Players never trail by too many tiles either.
    +   Updated the event management system for easy execution

  4. 6/22/17
    +   Added special attacks for melee combat
       -   Instant special attacks handled as well
       -   AGS/DDS/GMAUL added so far...
    +   Fixed spamming in firemaking for cheap exp.
    +   Fixed an issue with update masks that would slow down appearance rendering
    +   Started on range combat
       -   Support for all longbows & short bows
       -   Updated projectile packet builder [thanks to Maxi on R-S with some accurate packet data]
          -   Start distance offset addition + creator size addition
       -   Projectiles have been perfected for the ready bows
       -   Clipped and distance calculated
       -   Timing for block emotes and hit appearance is calculated as well
       -   Calculation for max hit, accuracy, and defense is fair as well
       -   Support for dark bow, knives, darts, crystal bow, and regular crossbows

  5. 6/23/17

    +   Added magic combat type
        -   With a easy "plugin" system to add more spells
        -   Magic accuracy/defense formulas appropriately done
        -   Projectiles appropriately done for the 3 spells I tested the system with
        -   Added spellbook sorting [saves]
        -   Added defensive casting [saves]
            -   Formula for experience received as well [not sure it's 100% accurate tho]
        -   Added spell hiding/showing in spellbook via buttons [saves]
        -   Added autocasting [saves]
    +   Added granite maul instant special attack without clicking the target again
    +   Added animation/gfx command for owner

  6. RedRune welcomes an addition to the team, for those concerned about the PKing community and whether it'll be as dead as every other server:


    #6 Tyluur, Jun 26, 2017
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2017
  7. 6/26/17
    +   Added prayer bonus calculation to all combat calculators
    +   Added weight per item and weight calculation for energy draining while running.
    +   Added player resting via orbs
    -   As well as the getting up animation
    +   Added item weights to the stats popup in the equipment menu
    +   Added protection prayer effects and deflection prayer effects
    -   Different graphics for magic/ranged/melee

  8. 6/27/17
    +   Added entity freezing
        -   Checks for frozen status in walking/following/node interaction [nodes mean objects/floor items/players/npcs]
    +   Added spellbook swapping
    +   Added a command to find items by their name [also by their options if you want]
        -   ::itemn armadyl drop    ->  this will find all items that have 'armadyl' in their name
            -   and that have 'drop' in their inventory options
        -   Mainly used for admins+, but in beta testing this will be good for beta testers.
    +   Added the destroy item interface [when you attempt to drop an item that's untradeable/destroyable/lended]
    +   Added item definition checking for lended items [as well as changing their last definition server sided to 'discard' [not 'drop' like their regular parts]
    +   Added interface closing event to inventory item slot swapping
    +   Added more information to the ::commands interface, like what you should add after the command
        -   Mainly for mod+ commands
    +   Added all prayer drains and saps
        -   With stat adjustment calculation in the tab according to the runescape data
        -   Projectiles are accurately calculated as well.
        -   Drain amount is used to calculate your attack bonuses too, so if its negative you'll have less accuracy, etc.
        -   Added a restoration formula for the drain modifiers
            -   Every 15 seconds, they will restore by 1% to their original 0 value.
    +   Added ava's accumulator effect
    +   Fixed a scheduled task bug that wouldn't allow tasks that had a delay > 1 to happen
        -   Also removed 'immediate' task types -> these are never needed
    +   Fixed auto retaliate - it now retaliates a tick after the hit lands, not combat starts ticking.
    +   Added magic shortbow & magic longbow special attack with perfect projectiles & accuracy
    +   Added ammo stacking on the floor instead of new floor items being created each time an arrow is shot

  9. 6/29/17
    +   Added ice barrage
        -   Freezes for 30 ticks
        -   Unfreezeable for 6 ticks after your freeze is over
        -   Accurate gfx for freezing and when your target is already frozen
        -   Autocasting working
    +   Added ice blitz [with the obvious implications]
        -   Including the projectile
    +   Added proper calculation of magic spells with delays [stacking works perfectly if ur rushing from tiles away]
    +   Improved leeches significantly
        -   Previously the leeches were applied when the hit landed, this isn't how it was in runescape [had to watch some videos]
        -   I made them applied when the combat is ticked, and now the leech will overlap your combat animation [credits affliction for info]
        -   Changed chat messages for leeches, they only send one message if you're maxed instead of flooding your chatbox with info.
        -   Reduced leech amount from 5% to 1% per successful leech [saps too]
    +   Added soulsplit
        -   Correct timing for hit landing
        -   Correct projectile
        -   Correct graphics
        -   Fixed soulsplit projectiles to land on time
        -   Made it sent regardless of whether your hit lands or not.
    +   Added prayer boosts into melee max hit calculation
    +   Updated melee accuracy & defense combat calculations [with precision based on real runescape formulas (this info was calculated publicly)]
    +   Updated range accuracy & defense combat calculations [with precision based on real runescape formulas (this info was calculated publicly)]
        -   Even the combat style you're on has a small bonus on your defense calculation like on RS
        -   Accuracy also takes into account your attack level boost from the base attack level requirement of the weapon you're wielding
    +   Confirmed max hit calculations for all melee, range, and magic using accurate runescape calculations
        -   Information if you're interested in javascript: https://pastebin.com/7LcSpvu4
    +   Added special attack accuracy multiplier for several different weapon types, basing information from runescape's.
    +   Added potions [only base potions at the moment]
        -   Noted that in 2011 there was no combat delay after sipping a potion... however combat did stop.
    +   Updated dharok max hit calculation to be accurate to runescape's
        -   At exactly 1 lifepoint u can max a 1008 on a player[with the best combat bonuses with dharoks, turmoil, and super pots]
    +   Updated 'roll' algorithm to be more realistic [we don't want to be able to hit 0-0 on mystics too often, etc....]
    +   Made autocast spells reset when u equip a weapon
    +   Stopped duplicate texts from being sent [so ur not spammed w/ 'mysterious force stops u....']

  10. 6/30/17
    Sorry for the late post.
    +   Fixed region bug [some secondary ones would never load]
    +   Added dynamic support for 4 graphics at the same time [4 different masks] [for npcs too]
    +   Fixed floor items [gif shown sped up a lot]
    +    Updated projectiles for leeches a bit [slow don + angled like on rs]
    +    Updated projectile for soulsplit a bit [slow down + angled like on rs]
    +   Added floor item examine packet
    +   Added floor item examining event
    +   Added floor item usage packet
    +   Added floor item usage event
        -   I.e. lighting logs that are already lit
    +   Stopped inventory items from being swapped when player is item interact locked [hopping ditch/burying bones]