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Pokemon Sun & Moon: Getting the Best Shiny Pokemon

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Ian, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    So as Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are on the horizon, Players all over the world are racking up their Pokemon Boxes in an effort to be ready for the Battle modes and Ranking fights, Those of you who are interested will know that there are a somewhat special version of every Pokemon, these are named 'Shiny' Pokemon, they tend to have an IV of 6 which makes them the top notch of battle Pokemon.

    You've been able to get Shiny Pokemon in-game since Pokemon Gold and Silver though back then it was shiny depending on the stats you had for the specific Pokemon, nowadays you just have a 1 in 8192, and that's for every Pokemon. So imagine having to turn the game off and on so many times to try and Catch say a Shiny Mewtwo... Fuck that right?

    So I stumbled onto something different while watching videos on YouTube, and that was 'Shiny Pokemon Giveaways'...

    The first one i tried told me to Catch a Paris, at any level, at any sex and name it 'YouTube'... Deposit it in the Global Trade System asking for one of the Pokemon on the List there was prepared in the Description... This list has all the Legendary Pokemon, from Articuno to Zapdos... I was skeptical.

    But being a Live stream I Tried it anyway... so i jumped onto Pokemon Moon and got myself to Brooklet Hill where according to sources from Google, Paris can be found easily. I went on to catch one and furthermore I deposited it in the GTS - Asking for 'Rayquaza' from the Ruby and Sapphire games.

    Straight away I noticed something... My Name showed up on the Live Stream on the Pokemon Game itself, though the player or bot swapped past me it was defiantly me, my IGN is simply... Ian, I was happy when I got this Nintendo ID :emoji_grinning:

    Anyway a few hours later I turned the game back on and went into the GTS and got the message... 'The Pokemon you deposited was traded.' Boom. Paris > Rayquaza. Cant lost.

    The best thing was.. This was a LVL.100 Rayquaza, Shiny, Holding a Masterball. - HAPPY DAYS. This system isn't against the rules and it helps to get battle ready Pokemon for multiplayer battles aswell as competing in the solo Battle Island Challenges.

    Its defiantly worth a try if you want some elite Pokemon and even if you get a few, you can still trade them back on for something else. Check out some of the Streams below which are supposable 24/7 Live streams of the bots trading. Give them a try:

  2. Not sure how legit this is, probably generated Pokemon which are against the rules.
  3. You can also get b9s on your 3ds and use a nice save editor with a nice UI if you want :). Offers much more customization
  4. I have ntrboot on mine with FBI theres a homebrew called somethink like PKSVM or similar which you can litterally just generate pokemon - this killed the game for me :emoji_grinning: i ended up spamming the Global trade with shinys for fun.

    Roll on Pokemon Ultra series though :emoji_grinning: