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OSRS [REQ] Zenyte Jewelry (torture, anguish, etc. ints)

Discussion in 'Help & Requests' started by bananaman50, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. I'm looking for a kind soul to please share their Zenyte jewelry item definitions. Because I've integrated them into my server, but the ints are wrong. And I have no idea how or where to find the right ints. Please help, and Thank you.

    The Necklace of Anguish sprites don't even appear in the inventory, but shows up fine on the player and on the ground: -
    And the Amulet of Torture is the same way, except It looks like:

    The Tormented Bracelet and Ring of Suffering are also messed up:

    Now I know They're in the wrong worn slots (I haven't specifically defined them yet). But I'm also wondering if this is just a matter of rotating the model in my itemdef.java?

    If you have the models with correct ints, and are willing to share, please contact me through a PM, skype, or discord:

    Skype: eggsandham321
    Discord: BlackJew#9005

    Also willing to pay if necessary
    #1 bananaman50, Oct 25, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  2. So, Download one of the OSRS Dumps from the Resources section under RS2 > Dumps.
    Go into the ./info/items.txt file and this will give you all the information you need about the item (this is called the Composition not the 'ints') you will be able to paste this if not directly into your client, you will be able to refactor this information to fit into your Client for hardcoding.

    Next you need the models for the Items, so as you will have seen in the Composition of the item it will have an Array of the Models used. You will need to go into ./data/index1/ and find the numbered files, these need packing into your cache or loaded from the cache directory depending on how upto date your client is.

    If you do all this but the item still no longer shows up in the inventory even though the Item is named and such, this is because these are OSRS format models, you will need to use a tool such as DatMaker to convert them into early-rs2 format.

    Good Luck (:
  3. case 19547:
    type.cost = 202000;
    type.femaleModel0 = 31232;
    type.interfaceOptions = new String[] { null, "Wear", null, null, null };
    type.inventoryModel = 31510;
    type.maleModel0 = 31228;
    type.members = true;
    type.name = "Necklace of anguish";
    type.notedID = 19548;
    type.stockMarket = true;
    type.xan2d = 332;
    type.yan2d = 2020;
    type.yOffset2d = -16;
    type.zoom2d = 1020;
    type.anInt1879 = 19549;

    case 19550:
    type.cost = 201000;
    type.interfaceOptions = new String[] { null, "Wear", null, null, null };
    type.inventoryModel = 31519;
    type.members = true;
    type.name = "Ring of suffering";
    type.notedID = 19551;
    type.stockMarket = true;
    type.xan2d = 268;
    type.xOffset2d = 3;
    type.yan2d = 180;
    type.yOffset2d = -35;
    type.zan2d = 2024;
    type.zoom2d = 830;
    type.anInt1879 = 19552;

    case 19553:
    type.cost = 202000;
    type.femaleModel0 = 31233;
    type.interfaceOptions = new String[] { null, "Wear", null, null, null };
    type.inventoryModel = 31524;
    type.maleModel0 = 31227;
    type.members = true;
    type.name = "Amulet of torture";
    type.notedID = 19554;
    type.stockMarket = true;
    type.xan2d = 424;
    type.xOffset2d = 1;
    type.yan2d = 68;
    type.yOffset2d = 16;
    type.zoom2d = 620;
    type.anInt1879 = 19555;