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By Ian on Jun 6, 2018 at 12:46 PM
  1. [​IMG]
    Since the news that JaMfLeX has decided to shutdown the RuneScape Classic servers for good. The remaining players have taken it upon themselves to come together to preserve what remains of the servers.

    The 3rd Party project RSC+ team headed by Ornox has added a feature to their Client which allows users to record their sessions while playing Classic. The key feature to this is that is allows anybody who has the RSC+ client to watch the replays back, regardless of having an active Classic account or not.

    People from across the Classic community have been scraping together, collaborating and uploading to RSCPP | Home ... It's been noted that most of the Classic server has previously been replicated before but isn't available publicly, so a project like this will help to allow new developers in the RSC Private server scene to create emulation projects and keep the Classic version alive.

    If you are able or know of people who are - please contribute to the project to help preserve as much as possible before the August 5th death-date.

    Also; since the closure news I have been collecting/forking and checking out tonnes of RSC related RSPS projects from across the web which you will be able to find available on our Github page. I hope to write some Classic related content to help out the developers and allow them access to the tools available for the developments.

    - Ian


Discussion in 'Projects' started by Ian, Jun 6, 2018.