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By Ian on Oct 10, 2017 at 2:56 PM
  1. [​IMG]

    Today is our 1st Birthday/Anniversary of Being online!
    I'll try to keep this short and sweet :emoji_grinning:, I wanna give a Big, big thanks to the 500 members who have registered over the time we have been online even with our lack of publicity, an even Bigger shout out to the 300 who are active on Discord all day everyday who are pretty much the blood running through the sites veins!

    I wanna give a massive shout out to Node, Chaser, Melvin, IRRob and Melissa for the incredible things they've each done for the cause. Not forgetting those who have also had our backs: Harry, Life, EmreIsik , Thrallix and steamy - nothing but love for each of you guys of cause, Especially those who hold no hard feelings and still continue to support us in every decision we make and every turn we take :emoji_grinning:.

    Wanna give thanks to the RuneLite.net team, Especially Adam, and Kyle Friz without these fellas we wouldn't have the :kyleFrizz: emoji or half of the solid resources to build up from. Also OSBuddys Matthew who has put out the fire on the XTEA crisis and give us all a massive helping hand with that, Hopefully he scene can now put forward away from the 317 shout out to Sino and the rest of the @anti-317-squad of cause, Those who thow us the odd bit of cash here an there also deserve a shout out because even though we try to keep it as free as possible its always nice to receive the odd few pounds here and there.

    Wanna give Massive thanks to all those Developers who have joined the ranks and ended up being a massive help with guiding and tutoring many a man with their problems and helped us all become better developers and gain that deeper understanding of what we all know and love, RuneScape.

    And want to give a massive shout-out to Jagex as well because even though imo you ruined the game, you rectified your mistakes by bringing back OldSchool - Thanks for reading.

    Much love, lets see what the future holds for us and our entire community!
    - Ian.

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Ian, Oct 10, 2017.