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RuneTek 7 RuneScape Mobile APK 2017-10-25

APK Client released on 24/10/2017 for Testing purposes

  1. I've attached a copy of the decompiled APK which contains a few useless bits of information and more importantly the .SO shared object file which is what you will need to crack apart to get this to work for RSPS.

    Attached Files:

  2. Definitely not legit. Do not trust.
  3. I should ban you for the disrespect of my name? also i included a decompiled version of the apk.
  4. Sucks it had to be RS3 Mobile, I was hoping there was going to be OSRS first.
  5. You cant even login with it you login and it say: 'Your not apart of the Mobile Technical Testing' and kicks you off'
    We can't even get into the source because it was the C++ version meaning they have packed all the necessary files into one Shared Object file (.so) which you can open with Notepad++ and see some named code from the OpenGL stuff but apart from that theres nothing interesting unless you map it down to Assembly and know how to work with that, I think to make this work with RSPS will be what @TX said to me and that is to do some sort of DLL injection to edit the 3 lines needed to connect to RSPS. Firstly we need to switch out the 2 RSA Big Integer lines and then we need to make the config.ws load our own hosted version which we can add our server IP too (Changing the Codebase) - With all hopes the OSRS version of mobile will be in Java and we will be able to decompile and see some code to work with in Android Studio.
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  6. Since there is a new Beta, Will this get updated?
  7. Its just waiting for one to be leaked.
  8. I'm surprised it's not been leaked yet.
  9. This was leaked on the 9th of May, the last one I've seen since.
    Rev. 892 u 4.1 from the last Beta.