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RuneTek 7 RuneScape Mobile APK 2017-10-25

APK Client released on 24/10/2017 for Testing purposes

  1. I noticed on the patched version, the link given on the loading screen, when going there you get

    `Hi. In respect of the mobile beta being supposed to be restricted, this site will no longer supply mobile APKs.`

    So no more leaks till another time?

    I found in another fork of the repo: https://github.com/TheArbalist/osrsmobile.github.io/tree/master/releases a 162 and 170 release and that seems to be it sadly.
  2. any chance of a working rs3 apk?
  3. There ain't even a RS3 Beta is there?
  4. there is yeah, there are older apks for rs3 none of the newer ones though. Hydrozoa do you have the latest osrs apk?
  5. Ohhhh