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194-377 server-architecture-experiment-342

Discussion in 'Projects' started by breaklulz, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. [​IMG] breaklulz/server-architecture-experiment-342
    • I am from the OG days of 317
    • All I know is 317/377 protocol
    • This project will be for me to learn the OSRS protocol
    • I will need lots of help (I'm not afraid to admit it)
    • Feel free to fork & make pull requests on GitHub
    • Star it to follow the active development
  2. Good luck with this project! :)
  3. Good luck and have fun with the project bro, keep us posted.
  4. I originally wanted to disable js5 on client side... gave up on that (it is not as simple as it was on 317)

    Next best thing would be to create a dummy update server. Did that - now I am at the login screen: