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OSRS Sorry to be the java noob, requesting help with bjorn map editor

Discussion in 'Help & Requests' started by assblood, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Complete rocket science when it comes to compiling or making something that ultimately executes the GUI for his map editor, I'm a simple man, there's no Jar to open so Im immediately dumbfounded haha, I would love if anyone could share some insight on how to use it. I think it's awesome how easy it looks to design something, would be cool to mess around in my spare time with it.

    I used to mess with rsps few years ago but I never came close to actually coding anything legitimately in java, but I did have a grasp on bat files and things like that, but Ive become rustier than I already was after completely stopping any experimentation of that nature.

    Sorry if this is wrong section or if it's an unwanted post, thanks again for any one who replies.
  2. Use an IDE then Google how to run Java applications in your IDE. Eclipse is a good free IDE for running and developing Java applications.
  3. thank you sir, appreciate the insight