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Hey Guest,
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By Ian on Jul 11, 2018 at 11:50 AM
  1. [​IMG]

    As you all will know with the demise of the much fabled RuneScape Classic Public Servers are coming to an end in August. <insert Sadness and/or Jagex meme here>

    Luckily though some of the older more renown developers from the RSC scene such as @Marwolf and @Kenix have taken it upon themselves to open up development for RuneScape Classic Private Servers - Introducing the Rune-Status Community to... OpenRSC!
    The developers behind the project are striving to create a RuneScape Classic emulation private server but keeping the project open source enables future developers to come and use what was RSC and develop additional content much like was done with the RS2 (317) scene.

    There is already an extensive library of RSC tools and documentation available acress the web - Alot of it can be found within this community with little effort or a simple ask - Tools like Landscape editors and Sprite editors enable developers to create a wider array of content.

    Being based on the RSCD project - OpenRSC is a revision 202 Classic server/client combination which has the additional functionality of higher revisions added to it. The highest revision of RSC is 234. Expect some legends like Reines and Issac eXamplar to dive back into some of their developments as the news of RSC's development scene taking rise again.

    The RSC Preservation project has pushed and pushed over the past few weeks to document and record as much of the public servers as they possibly can without help from Jagex which is a shame on Jagex's part, I mean why would you want what made you famous to die?

    However with the keen developers and the knowledge being thrown around and shared between members in the RSC development communities the OpenRSC project is gaining more and more traction every day.

    For those in our community who take an interest in the RSC Development scene should most definatly take a look into this open source project and community and Learn, Teach and Share your knowledge!

    Finally, ending on a quote from Marwolf:

    Thanks for Reading,
    - Ian


Discussion in 'RSC, FunOrb & Other Jagex Games' started by Ian, Jul 11, 2018.