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What Are Your Goals?

Discussion in 'Lounge & Fast Threads' started by Loveandpower, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. Whether it is real life or game related. What are your goals? I've been really thinking about my future recently in the job force specifically and possibly even continuing my education. This led me to make this topic to see how else others are looking goal wise. Where do you think you will be in 10 years? 20 years?

    For those of you who don't know I have administrative experience but what you guys probably don't know is that I hold an Associate Degree in Education. I've recently applied at the local school district and heading to a job fair today.
  2. I had a few goals starting 2016 but none happened. For instance Univercity - I was turned down to all 3 Univercitys I applied for for just being on Probation for the forseeable future. Work wise I wanted to be under full-time employment but again with Criminal Background Checks (CRB Checks) I can't even get employed by McDonalds. I've been working Cash-in-hand of a night at Clubs working PR and behind bars.

    Though on the plus side I now have my own place which is fully furnished and I don't mean just scruffy stuff for display, I've activlely decorated the place how I wanted it. I own This place which is a good thing too, It was only surposed to be myself learning the newer stuff in HTML5 and PHP but has turned into a fully fledged community with great foundations to rival the other bigger sites. I've met some pretty cool people and been invited to work on some interesting projects (HydraScape, RastaScape, Alatus, iLeak, ect..) Though most I've had to turn down but it's always nice to have been invited.

    So now my goals are as listed;
    • Oracle Professional Certified / Master Certified
    • Any full-time/part-time work.
    • Driving Licence.
  3. Those are some great goals Ian. I used to work in HR so I fully understand how hard it can be for those with prior records to even gain employment. I worked for the state in that position as well so it was more like if you had any type of record at all they claimed it was equal employment but well..I better not say anymore I guess but read between the lines.

    What I will say though is, never never NEVER lie on a job application about any prior offenses. It will make you be auto terminated from any possible candidacy and in some cases can even do worse than just that. I applied at a branch of the government a while back that actually specifically worked with trying to do retention programs for those who had prior offenses but never got the job I thought that would had been beneficial.

    You could probably do the Oracle stuff online or if you could ever scrounge up the money Oracle I know are always hosting like 2-3 weeks classes where you can get certified in specific stuff. (Many government divisions use such programs as they are generally cheaper than physical college courses)

    Does your record prevent you even getting a license? I wasn't aware of that part of the DDS but it doesn't surprise me either really.
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  4. Interesting.

    And no it should'nt prevent me from getting my Driving Licence atall. My Conditions for release are as follows.
    • Not commit further offences (i.e Armed Robberies)
    • Not to enter the Exclusion Zone (Waterloo/Crosby Liverpool)
    • Not to affiliate myself with Criminal Peers (Harder than it sounds)
    • Not to leave the UK at all.
    • and there are other basic ones also.
    Im on Probation for 99 years, with a minimum term of 10 so after 10 years, providing i carry on getting along with my Probation i should be allowed to live freely.
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